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The Sunward Roof Offers Exclusive Quality

Your pre-engineered metal building’s roof is one of its most critical components, impacting everything from energy efficiency and durability to water-tightness and aesthetics. While a quality, reliable roof means a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs, a poorly designed or poor-quality one does the opposite. It also exposes the interior of your building to potential damage.

At Sunward Steel, we engineer our buildings with roofs to meet the specific building and engineering code requirements of your area, which take into account factors like how much wind or snow your region receives. We also use a seal-tight system to ensure quality, durability and longevity.

The Seal-Tight System

Siphon GrooveMoisture can wreak havoc on construction, but Sunward’s steel roofs have seal-tight systems that keep water and moisture from working their way inside. Our roofs feature highly effective siphon-groove features that essentially function as built-in gutter systems. They divert water away from the building’s fasteners, which improves watertightness and prevents the formation of rust.

Other important elements of the seal-tight roof system include:

  • Die-formed ridge caps. Used to attach roof panels along either side of the seam, die-formed ridge caps help prevent moisture, drafts and even pests from entering your building through the roof.
  • Long-life fasteners. Long-life fasteners with EPDM washers are another important element of a quality steel roof system. The fasteners are responsible for holding the parts together. Lower-quality ones that undergo exposure to the elements can suffer damage that threatens the structural integrity of the roof system.
  • Seal-tight closure system. Sunward also relies on our exclusive WG-7 high-density polyethylene closure system to further enhance watertightness and prolong the life of your structure. The system includes mastic sealant tape that seals the joints between panels, inside and outside closures, and an eave strut.

While durability and watertightness are paramount when it comes to your steel building’s roof, aesthetics also matter. That’s why we offer a 40-year warranty on all roof paint and use a baked-on enamel paint system.

Your steel building’s roof is not where you want to cut corners, but Sunward Steel’s roof systems are a cut above when it comes to quality, durability, longevity and overall aesthetics.

Written By:

Todd Silverman

Manager Of Special Projects
Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc.

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