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Standard Color Options

Misty Gray
Sahara Tan
Stone Beige
Burnished Slate

Paint That Lasts

Steel Building Color Options

When it comes to building colors, we have a wide variety of options that truly make your building beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  Our color options run across not only the exterior of your building but are also incorporated into our trim packages and even down to the actual exterior screws.

We offer five standard color options from Misty Gray to Stone Beige and more. Also, we have up to nine additional non-standard colors that provide you with even more customized options.

All our colors come with a written 25- to 40-year paint warranty. So, your building is built to last while maintaining its extraordinary color and beauty.

Non-Standard Color Options

Dark Green
Sunset Red
Colony Green
Autumn Gold
Royal Red
Roman Blue
Light Blue
Cinnamon Brown
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