Not All 26-Gauge Sheeting Is Created Equal

December 3, 2019 | Insider Tip

The sheeting used to construct a pre-engineered steel building affects everything from its structural integrity to its architectural appeal. While 26-gauge steel is an extremely durable building material, not all of it is created equal. If you want a building that offers not only strength, but water-tightness, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance, know that the seemingly little things can make a major difference.

At Sunward Steel, our standard pre-engineered steel building is comprised of 26-gauge sheeting made from high-quality steel, this helps it maintain its functionality and good looks for years to come.

Our steel panels feature:

PBR Panel Construction  

An exceedingly durable alternative to other building materials, PBR panels have a purlin-bearing leg, which helps prevent leakage. PBR panels also reduce the overall costs of erecting your metal building by saving you substantial time and money on labor.

Siphon-Groove System 

Our PBR sheeting has a unique Siphon-Groove feature perhaps best described as a “built-in gutter system.” This feature diverts water away from the building’s fasteners, which offers two key benefits. First, it helps make your building even more watertight, and second, it prevents the formation of rust lines, which can otherwise compromise the beauty of your building. 

Panel with Purlin Bearing Leg

40-Year Paint Warranty

Sunward’s baked-on paint system adorns your steel panels with paint in the color of your choice, and unlike traditional paint, it prevents chipping, chalking, and fading. All colored panels also come with a 40-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing it will retain its exterior appeal for decades to come.

Tensile Strength for Damage Resistance  

Our extremely durable sheeting is comprised of heavy-duty, 80 ksi material, meaning it exceeds industry standards in terms of strength. This makes it that much more resistant to dents, dings, and other signs of damage that hail, debris, and other construction hazards can cause, allowing it to retain its beauty and appeal for a lifetime.


While all Sunward Steel sheeting offers these elements, we also include color-matching long-life fasteners with EPDM washers, mastic sealant, a WG-7 high-density polyethylene closure system, a G90 galvanized base angle and state-of-the-art architectural trim with every building kit package we sell. It’s been said that “the bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of a lower price,” and when it comes to sheeting, we are inclined to agree.

Written By:Sunward Building Consultant

Steven Braisted

Steel Building Consultant
Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc.

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