Prefabricated Residential Steel Mezzanine in West Point, California

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to manufacture and supply this prefabricated steel mezzanine on behalf of a customer in West Point, California, in July of 2014.

An addition to an existing home, this standalone steel mezzanine expands the home’s usable floor space without requiring a complete home renovation. Often used as bedrooms, office areas and libraries, among other uses, residential steel mezzanines offer an innovative way to make use of otherwise underutilized overhead space within a home.

Economical, Space-Maximizing Construction Solutions 

An increasingly popular construction choice among residential and commercial property owners who are running out of room, steel mezzanines offer an economical way to create more room to work or move about while taking advantage of the space you already have.

In addition to undergoing residential use, many of today’s home and business owners use pre-engineered metal mezzanines as storage decks, offices, work platforms and viewing areas, among other purposes. A smart, cost-effective alternative to new construction, steel mezzanines such as this one make great use of overhead space, expanding your usable square footage while enhancing your building’s architectural appeal.

A census-designated area located within California’s Calaveras County, West Point is home to less than 1,000 residents. The community sits about 143 miles from San Francisco and about 67 miles outside Sacramento.

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Building Specifications

In total, the mezzanine, which is comprised of top-quality steel components, stands 40’x60’x16’ in size and features 21’/19’ bay spacing. The vertical clearance underneath the mezzanine is 8’-0”, leaving plenty of room for residents to arrange furniture or move about below, and it also features (1) 4’x4’ stairway opening to allow for easy resident access.

The steel mezzanine addition also features a 110-mph wind speed rating in accordance with local building codes. Sturdy, reliable and a great use of otherwise unused overhead space, this steel mezzanine gives the homeowner more space to spread out as well as a designated area he can utilize however he likes.