Prefabricated Storage Shed And Steel Pavilion in Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was pleased to manufacture this pre-engineered storage building and steel pavilion in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, supplying the first in August of 2012, and the second, in October of that same year.

The first of the (2) steel buildings serves double-duty as an activity center and outdoor pavilion on the grounds of the Lake Bryn Mawr Camp, which offers a traditional summer camp experience for girls in the second through tenth grades.

Established in 1921, the camp instructs youths in the arts, swimming, athletics, equestrian and similar disciplines, and campers also regularly enjoy trips, special events, and top-secret traditions during their summer stays. The second building supplied by Sunward Steel, meanwhile, functions as a storage shed, providing a safe and secure space for counselors and camp administrators to house athletic equipment, water sports gear, and similar camp supplies.

Affordable, Multifunctional Steel Buildings 

Offering near-endless versatility and easy customization, prefabricated steel buildings commonly serve as storage buildings, mess halls, or athletic, gymnastics or equestrian arenas, among other popular uses. The costs of raising and maintaining prefabricated metal buildings are also notably lower than those typically associated with traditional wood construction, saving owners substantial time and money through the years.

Located in a rural area popular with hunting, fishing and other outdoor enthusiasts, Honesdale belongs to Pennsylvania’s Wayne County. It lies about 32 miles outside Scranton and about 56 miles from Lake Harmony.

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Building Specifications

Strong, sturdy, and engineered to last, the prefabricated steel pavilion stands 50’x140’x12’ and gives campers and counselors a safe, covered space they can use to recreate, eat, or otherwise congregate, regardless of inclement weather.

Rugged and multifunctional, the metal activity building maintains its structural integrity despite Pennsylvania’s sometimes-extreme winter snowfall and temperatures and the heavy usage it endures during the summer months.

The open-walled steel building is Cinnamon Brown in color with an accompanying Cinnamon Brown roof and matching trim, and the roof has a 4:12 pitch and a 4” layer of roof fiberglass insulation inside. It also has a 4” Cinnamon Brown snow gutter along two sides and 4” of downspouts spanning 16 locations, which prevent snow from piling on top of the building, where it could potentially cause damage.

Other noteworthy climate-related features include a 35-psf snow load and a 90-mph wind speed rating.