Prefabricated Steel Agricultural Arch Building in Waverly, Kentucky

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., had the honor of manufacturing and supplying this pre-engineered steel arch building for a buyer in Waverly, Kentucky, in February of 2009.

These days, the rugged, reliable arch-style steel structure undergoes use as an agricultural building, and it offers ample space for storing goods and equipment while keeping them out of the Kentucky elements. Perfect for housing livestock or horses or storing grain, feed, tractors, and other farm machinery, among related uses, this steel building combines supreme functionality with unmatched structural integrity, resulting in a safe, secure all-season space the owner can utilize for any number of different needs. 

Affordable, Multifunctional Metal Arch Buildings

Often a top choice among farmers, ranchers, and others seeking buildings to use for animal, equipment, feed, or machinery storage, among other uses, pre-engineered metal arch buildings, or “curvette” buildings, eliminate unnecessary interior columns or trusses, freeing up more usable space inside. Because they lack interior columns and supports, steel arch buildings are generally easy and quick to raise, resulting in considerable savings when compared to most construction alternatives.

This particular steel agricultural building has changed hands since its original purchase, highlighting its easy adaptability. The current owner can also expand the size of the arch building without much trouble, should he or she wish to do so down the line.

A small, sparsely populated community in northwestern Kentucky, the city of Waverly is a part of Union County. The area sits about 143 miles outside Louisville and about 28 miles southwest of Evansville, Kentucky.

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Building Specifications

Comprised of premium-quality Galvalume steel, the metal agricultural building offers unparalleled protection and durability, and once erect, it stands 40’x29.5’ in size. Its Quonset hut design makes it particularly strong, maximizing durability in the face of strong winds and similar environmental concerns, and it is also highly damage-resistant by design, meaning it won’t warp, bend or accrue damage caused by termites and other pests.

The steel agricultural building also features several enhancements made in compliance with local building code requirements and out of respect for the region’s typical climate characteristics. Such customizations include a 24-psf snow load and a 100-mph wind speed rating.