Commercial Steel Hospital Building in Bismarck, North Dakota

It may look like something straight out of an animated movie, but this massive castle sitting roadside in Bismarck, North Dakota, is actually a pre-engineered metal building.

Offering considerable curb appeal and an inviting exterior that appeals to the young as well as the young-at-heart, this building now serves as the Sanford Children’s North Clinic, a leading provider of Midwestern pediatric care for children from infancy through age 18.

Durable, sustainable, and state-of-the-art, the Sanford Children’s North Clinic caters to a community that continues to undergo rapid growth, granting families broad access to four pediatricians, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and a psychologist.

Available for appointments as well as walk-in services, the Sanford Children’s Castle of Care enhances health care opportunities, improves outcomes and delights pediatric patients with its cheery, decidedly “un-clinical” exterior.

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Building Specifications

In addition to a custom design boasting arch windows, turrets, and other stylistic elements, the adaptable, energy-efficient metal health care facility contains R-19 insulation in its roof and R-13 insulation within its walls, ensuring year-round comfort for patients and clinic staff.

The steel clinic, appropriately dubbed the “Castle of Care,” stands 65’x143’x12/17.42’ in size, while its corrosion-resistant roof is comprised of Galvalume metal panels and has a 1:12 pitch. Additional features include (5) 3’4”x7’2” framed openings, while a 90-mph wind speed rating and a high, 50-pound snow load further equip the clinic for life in North Dakota.