Steel Commercial Building in Olney, Illinois

Sunward Steel manufactured and delivered this steel commercial lumber building in Olney Illinois to John D. Hurn & Sons, Inc. and Hurn Lumber in 1999.

The mid-wests premier home improvement company, Hurn Lumber proudly provides award winning service & premium products throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio and reaching to the far east coast. This long standing family owned company has been a staple in the Illinois community since 1877. With the promise of continuing service for generations, Hurn Lumber has expanded numerous times and each time requiring a new, expansive building. In 1999 Sunward Steel teamed with the founding family to design and manufacture their newest building to serve as their main retail outlet.

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Building Specifications

Offering the supreme durability that workforce buildings require, this pre-engineered metal building cites top-of-the-line steel construction, and once raised it stands 100’x300’x16’ in size.  Energy efficient and accommodating, the Sahara Tan-colored facility features a required clear-span design, which maximizes space and overhead clearance while creating a comfortable, obstruction-free work environment.

A commercial grade, corrosion-resistant, mechanically seamed-standing 24 gauge roof provides a dry dwelling for the complete life span of the building. Featuring custom C purlins & perforated paneling, the Hurn’s covered the underside of the roof with a blend of polyol resin and isocyanate spray foam insulation, resulting with a high-grade R-45 rating.

The canopy serves a subtle 1:12 pitch with an 80-mph wind speed rating and a 20-pound snow load. All purposeful inclusions made in adherence to local province building code requirements and with respect for the region’s typical climate and weather patterns.

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