Shop And Warehouse Building in Vernal, Utah

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., manufactured and supplied this pre-engineered steel shop and warehouse building in Vernal, Utah in 2007.

Since the building’s construction, its home to the Merrell FootLab, and served as the main workshop and warehouse space. This longstanding business needed a facility that would provide the owners with a laboratory for their foot and shoe clinic.

As certified Pedorthists, this small family-owned company and its employees needed a workspace where they could create, configure, and custom-build shoes for clients. Reliability was the driving force during their purchase experience as this building would be used heavily for the foreseeable future, and that’s exactly what we encompassed when we manufactured this building. You can read the Merrell FootLab story here.

Sustainable State of Mind

When considering a new building and deciding between a typical stick-built or a metal building, the sustainable aspects of each should be considered; lets this discuss this within the steel structure market. A fundamental part of a well-constructed and well-designed building is creating a blueprint that offers sustainability throughout its complete lifecycle.

As we have entered 2021, customers are expecting their buildings to adhere to green classifications. Prefabricated designers are achieving cohesive blueprints, metal building erectors are incorporating green practices into construction, and manufacturers have invested substantially in all areas.

All efforts across the globe are shifting direction to codify green design and construction, resonating with us here at Sunward Steel. In fact, we’ve been mindful of recyclable and reusable buildings; we’ve been producing systematically green structures for years.

We understand energy usage, we understand sustainable metal roofing systems – we are knowledgeable with the Solar Reflectance Index and can incorporate those cohesive features into your canopy. We understand your overall building footprint as we manufacture your building, we remain mindful as we process every steel beam and component; providing you with a building envelope that minimizes onsite waste.

Transforming Your Property

Do you have a building project? Do you have questions about an existing building or a new building? We specialize in everything steel and we would like the opportunity to speak with you, and discuss what our buildings can offer you. We have many affordable options for various-sized, new, or existing buildings that we have in storage and ready for immediate delivery.

We have a long history in the metal building construction market & with years of experience, we have become the experts. We have three large factories in the USA, and we have been supplying buildings of all types since 1972. Call us directly at 866.784.4738, or email us at info@sunwardsteelbuildings – We will happily provide you with a free consultation & building quote. We are social media friendly and we would love to hear from you.

Building Specifications

Constructed using heavy-gauge steel components, the building boasts unmatched structural integrity, and upon completed construction, it stands 50’W x 70’L x 14’H.

Ice Grey in color, it has a clear-span design that maximizes space for vehicles, and it also has high overhead clearance, making it suitable for housing trucks or oversized equipment. Also featuring (2) 12’W x 12’H overhead framed openings as points of entry for equipment and vehicles.

Overhead, a rugged, hardwearing Galvalume roof with White trim and a purposeful 1:12 pitch provide due diligence with a dependable dry dwelling. A 90-mph wind speed rating and 25-psf serve as an additional feature added in consideration of the climate characteristics and building code requirements in place throughout Uintah County.