Corporate Headquarters and Industrial Building in Pataskala, Ohio

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to fabricate and supply this pre-engineered metal industrial building on behalf of a customer in Pataskala, Ohio, in late February of 2002.

These days, the building serves as the corporate headquarters of Programmable Control Service, Inc., an automation systems design, repair and service company based in the central Ohio city. Automating everything from small, one-off projects to complete factories, Programmable Control Service is available around the clock to service virtually all types of PLCs, drives and controls.

Corporate Headquarters Features & Customizations 

Built from rugged, heavy-duty steel parts, the building delivers unrivaled durability, and once raised, it stands 80’x125’x18’ in size. Its high ceilings enhance its functionality, making it better-suited to industrial use, and its roof is comprised of robust, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal and has a 0.5:12 pitch.

The steel industrial building boasts an attractive, Misty Grey-colored exterior, and additional features include (4) 3070 framed openings enclosing (4) 3070 commercial walk door systems. The building also boasts several customizations added to help keep water from collecting on the building’s roof or near its foundation, among them an eave gutter along two sides and 200 linear feet of downspouts across 10 locations.

The front of the building, meanwhile, boasts (4) 8’5” wall lights, and the metal corporate building also has a wind speed rating of 80 mph; an inclusion made in compliance with local building codes. Multifunctional and built to last, this steel corporate building is well-suited for its intended use, providing reliable protection for business assets while giving company employees a comfortable, year-round place to work.

Economical, Sustainable Construction Solutions  

Often preferred among buyers with industrial, manufacturing or administrative needs, prefabricated metal buildings are easy to customize and easy to raise. When compared with traditional wood construction, prefabricated metal buildings also require very little in terms of maintenance, retaining their good looks and structural integrity over the years without warping or rotting.

Situated within central Ohio, the city of Pataskala is a part of Licking County. The community lies about 17 miles east of Columbus and roughly 15 miles from Millersport.

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Building Specifications

  • 80’x125’x18’
  • high ceiling
  • 0.5:12 roof pitch
  • Misty Grey-colored exterior
  • 3070 framed openings enclosing
  • 3070 commercial walk door systems
  • eave gutter along two sides and 200 linear feet of downspouts across 10 locations