Commercial Warehouse Building in Clarksburg, Massachusetts

Sunward Steel Buildings manufactured and delivered this commercial steel warehouse and office building in Massachusetts in 1997.

Currently, this metal building functions as the warehouse headquarters and storeroom for the Ribco Supply Company, Clarksburg campus location. A reputable and long-standing company that provides full-line contractors supply commodities throughout Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York. Ribco Supply was in need of an industrious building that would allow ample room for expanding production and storage operations, they chose a Sunward Steel product after reviewing all the versatile options that our steel building kits offer.


In addition to offering unmatched strength and versatility, the prefabricated commercial metal building boasts a broad, clear-span design with minimal obstructions, making it ideal for store inventory and as an equipment entrepot. Steel buildings have long been popular among business owners across New England, many of whom use them for offices, shops, storehouses, or other commercial purposes. With this facility, Ribco Supply is able to better accommodate its employees and customers stateside by granting a climate-controlled space, enhancing the clients’ shopping experience while providing a dry dwelling for business.

This metal building was manufactured and constructed over 20 years ago and yet it presents itself beautifully in immaculate and pristine condition. Our metal building kits are perfect for businesses to use as it guarantees a hard-wearing and long-standing life span while still possessing their curb appeal. Considering purchasing a pre-engineered metal building for commercial or storage purposes in Massachusetts or another part of the country?  Contact us for a quote on your next steel building project.

Building Specifications

Detailed Design & Versatile Blueprint.

Comprised exclusively of top-quality steel components, the warehouse stands at 60’x100’x24’ once fully constructed. The steel walls are finished with a Brilliant Blue and the Polar White trim is perfectly paired with the corrosion-resistant roof, also in Polar White. Featuring a purposeful 1:12 roof pitch provides protection from the elements & offers an expansive interior clear span space Ribco required.  For easy access to and from the existing annexed building, we designed (4) 3’4”x7’2” commercial walk door openings throughout the building. In typical warehouse necessity, and to accommodate the everyday moving of large products and heavy store supplies, we designed 4 large overhead bay openings & overhead doors also presented in Polar White.

The Clarksburg warehouse also features several specifications added with regard to the climate characteristics of the Bay State among them is a 110-mph wind speed rating and a 25-psf snow load. Tried and true since 1997, this anchored and hard-wearing steel building holds its own during the fluctuating, iron-handed Massachusetts climate.