Prefabricated Metal Shop Building in Davis, West Virginia

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., fabricated and provided this pre-engineered metal shop building in Davis, West Virginia, in May of 2007.

The building is currently in use as a shop by the Tucker County Development Authority, which seeks to strengthen the economy and support small business development across Tucker County and throughout the surrounding region. The organization also works to preserve the area’s unique values and heritage while drawing more businesses and employment opportunities to the county.

Affordable, Low-Maintenance Metal Municipal Buildings 

Often preferred by cities and towns seeking economical, easy-to-erect buildings to use for recreational, governmental, municipal or storage purposes, among others, prefabricated steel buildings are fast and relatively easy to raise, saving communities considerable money on construction and labor expenses. They also maintain their strength and beauty over time while needing only minimal maintenance, resulting in low lifelong costs of ownership.

A sparsely populated community situated along West Virginia’s Blackwater River, the town of Davis is a part of Tucker County. It sits about 67 miles southeast of Morgantown and about 42 miles east of Phillipi.

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Building Specifications

Used for a wide range of applications, the Tucker County Development Authority’s steel workshop stands an expansive 60’x100’x20’ when raised and boasts a broad, unobstructed clear span that frees up as much usable floor space as possible. The shop has high overhead clearance, which enhances functionality and allows for the storage of large equipment and other oversize items, and its premium-quality steel construction results in optimal structural integrity.

The shop features an attractive Stone Beige-colored exterior that melds well with the surrounding landscape, and its rugged Cinnamon Brown-colored roof has matching trim and a 2:12 pitch. Found throughout the spacious steel workshop are (10) framed door and window openings. Included are (2) 3070 openings enclosing (2) 3070 walk doors with panic hardware, (2) 6070 walk door openings equipped with (2) 6070 walk doors with panic hardware, (2) 12’x14’ overhead door openings and (4) 3’x6’ windows that let natural sunlight brighten up the interior.

The metal shop also boasts a number of customizations made with regard for West Virginia’s variable climate and sometimes-unpredictable weather patterns. It has a 4” eave gutter spanning two sides and 200 linear feet of downspouts in Stone Beige that divert water away from the building’s roof and foundation. It also has a 90-mph wind speed rating and a 50-pound snow load, which keep it compliant with building code requirements in place across Davis.