Prefabricated Steel Power Equipment Store in Hamilton, Ohio

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was the proud manufacturer and provider of this pre-engineered steel retail store building in Hamilton, Ohio, in late October of 2004.

Ever since, it has undergone use as Clermont County Equipment, a retail store that sells a wide range of outdoor power equipment ranging from ride-on lawnmowers and chainsaws to trimmers and golf carts. The company also has golf carts available for rent for customers across Greater Cincinnati, and it provides maintenance and repair services for these and the other types of equipment it carries.

Clermont County Equipment also performs blade-sharpening services for equipment used in landscaping efforts and carries an assortment of well-known brands, including Stihl, Cub Cadet, Cushman and Exmark.

Economical, Sustainable Retail Stores

Affordable, low maintenance and easily adaptable to a business owner’s unique needs, pre-engineered steel buildings provide safe, secure spaces to open any number of different types of retail operations. Often used as grocery stores, big-box retailers, auto dealerships, mom-and-pop shops and numerous other types of retailers, prefabricated steel retail buildings require little in terms of upkeep, resulting in low lifelong ownership costs.

Situated roughly 20 miles north of Cincinnati and about 4 miles outside Fairfield, the city of Hamilton is part of southwestern Ohio’s Butler County. Considering purchasing a prefabricated metal building for retail, commercial, industrial, storage or other use in Ohio or another part of the United States? Click here for a price quote.

Building Specifications

Durable, long-lasting and easy to raise, this steel retail store is 120’x100’x12’ in size when erect and offers unsurpassed structural integrity. Comprised of rugged, high-end steel components, it holds its own against extreme temperatures, harsh climate conditions and other possible hazards, and it has a   broad clear span that maximizes usable floor space for equipment and displays. The retail store boasts a striking,

Stone Beige-colored exterior with complementing Dark Green wainscoting. The roof of the store, too, is Dark Green in color, enhancing its curb appeal, and it has a modest 2:12 pitch. Offering easy access inside the shop are (6) 3070 framed openings enclosing (6) 3070 complete walk door systems, and it also features a number of customizations that better equip it for life in Ohio.

It has a 6” Dark Green eave gutter along two sides and 240 linear feet of 5” Dark Green downspouts that together help prevent moisture from seeping inside or collecting near the store’s foundation. A 20-psf snow load and a 90-mph wind speed rating are additional accommodations added with regard for the climate characteristics of the Hamilton area.