Supplying Ohio’s Premium-Quality Steel Buildings

Seeking a sturdy, reliable structure that you can raise in a matter of days? When Ohio residents and business owners need durable, long-lasting steel buildings designed to withstand the test of time, they turn to Sunward Steel, a leading supplier of prefabricated metal building kits for nearly 50 years.

We fabricate all of our top-quality steel buildings in-house in our U.S manufacturing facilities, and we serve as a single-source manufacturer and supplier, cutting out the middle man while you reap the benefits. If you need a:

  • Farm or agricultural building
  • Storage space
  • Barn
  • Commercial property
  • Warehouse
  • Mini storage complex

…or an entirely different metal building type, we can likely supply you with one that not only meets your needs, but does so while adhering to any and all building code requirements in place in your build area.

Steel Construction Simplifies

Know what type of building you want, but can’t decide between wood or steel construction? Nowadays, steel offers numerous benefits to cost-conscious buyers. First, pre-engineered steel building kits arrive to you pre-cut and ready to raise, so labor and erection costs are typically far less than they are with wood construction.

You can also save considerable money on maintenance when you opt for a pre-manufactured steel building. With wood, you have to anticipate regular maintenance needs and expenses resulting from rotting, warping and pest infestations, among other potential issues. You may, too, have to worry about fire and weather-related damage with wood structures, further complicating matters and compounding your maintenance costs.

A Trusted Name In Steel Construction

You undoubtedly have options in terms of where to source your steel building, but when you purchase yours through sunward steel, you can rest assured you are getting uncompromising quality at a fair and honest price. with more than 75,000 pre-engineered building kits provided across ohio, the united states and the globe, we understand the ins and outs of the industry in ways that others simply can’t, and we’re ready and willing to share our expertise with you.


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