Durable, Functional Metal Buildings For Alabama Buyers

When Alabama residents, business owners and contractors need reliable, long-lasting and watertight steel buildings, they increasingly turn to Sunward Steel, where we have a more than 40-year history manufacturing and supplying premium-quality structures in the Heart of Dixie. Whether you’re in search of a metal shop, a garage, a farm building or something else entirely, we have the capabilities and the expertise needed to see your vision through to fruition.

The Sunward Steel Difference

We understand that you have options when it comes to buying metal buildings, but we believe that what we bring to the table trumps that of our industry competitors. Here’s why.

  • We offer uncompromising quality at a highly competitive price.
  • We are family-owned and operated, and our values come through in every aspect of our business.
  • We ARE the manufacturer of your building, meaning we maintain control over all stages of the building process.
  • We partner with a broad network of steel building erectors across the state who can assist you in raising your building.
  • If you’re after supreme quality, want to remain looped in throughout the fabrication process and want your building to stay in the same hands from conception to completion, consider Sunward Steel.

Ample Color & Customization Options

Because Sunward Steel oversees all aspects of the design, drafting and construction processes, we are able to offer you an abundance of options when it comes to customization. In addition to buildings in a broad variety of colors and hues, many of which you can check out our website, we can also add and suggest trim colors that will complement your building’s existing color and enhance its overall curb appeal.

Furthermore, we back all of our paint colors with a 25 – 40-year paint warranty, which means that even with heavy exposure to the elements, your building’s exterior will hold up and maintain its extraordinary color for decades to come.

Let’s Get That Building Put Up

Need to ensure your building meets local code requirements? Need help getting it erected, but unsure of where to turn? We can utilize our broad knowledge and vast network to assist you in every stage of the process while providing prompt, friendly and attentive customer service along the way.





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