Prefabricated Steel Building For American Legion in Bethany, Missouri

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was the proud supplier and manufacturer of this pre-engineered steel building in Missouri, in September of 1997.

The insulated, energy-efficient metal building currently undergoes use as the American Legion Post 216 (also known as the Wilson Axline Post) in Bethany, MO., a community hall that serves as the local branch of the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ association. In addition to serving as a place for veterans to come together and socialize, the building also gives veterans and other community members a place to focus and engage in civic efforts. Community members may also rent the space when the need to to host baby showers, family reunions or similar special events.

Affordable, Fast-Raising Metal Municipal Buildings

Economical, long-lasting and low maintenance, pre-engineered metal buildings are often the first choice among communities looking for low-cost municipal buildings they can utilize for generations. Steel buildings are inherently fire-resistant, and they also don’t accrue aesthetic damages in the manner that wood buildings do, saving owners substantial money on upkeep over the years.

Located in north-central Missouri, the city of Bethany is part of Harris County. It sits roughly 90 miles north-northeast of Kansas City and about 75 miles, by car, from St. Joseph.

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Building Specifications

Constructed using sustainable, quality steel parts, the metal community building offers unmatched strength and durability, and when erect, it stands 68.8’x103.9’x10’ in size. It boasts a clear span that maximizes floor space by eliminating interior columns or supports, and it draws the eye from the road thanks to its attractive Polar White exterior with Royal Blue accents.

The roof of the building is comprised of rugged, heavy-duty Galvalume metal panels and has a 3:12 pitch, and it is Polar White in color with Royal Blue trim, matching the building’s exterior. Installed in the roof and walls of the building are 1.5” layers of fiberglass insulation, which creates a more comfortable environment while making the building appropriate for year-round use.

Building users can access the interior of the American Legion through (2) 3070 walk door openings enclosing (2) 3070 walk doors, and the steel community building also boasts several attributes that better equip it for its geographic environment. It has 210 linear feet of eave gutters and 80 linear feet of downspouts, which funnel rainwater away from the building and its foundation. It also has an 80-mph wind speed rating; a customization made in adherence to local building code requirements.