Commerce Center and Retail Buildings in Somerset, Massachusetts

Sunward Steel was the proud manufacturer of these pre-engineered steel retail buildings in Somerset Massachusetts.

The buyer, Brayton Point Power Station, once known as the largest coal plant in New England, is in the midst of an expansive overview and urban reconstruction to become a renewable clean energy campus. Currently, the new owners, Commercial Development Company are demolishing down and salvaging much of the old steel superstructures, ultimately rebuilding and rebranding the site into the Brayton Point Commerce Center. This shoreline property, known as the Narragansett Bay Watershed, is ground zero for the offshore wind industry on the East Coast.

Urban Energy Reconstruction & Development.

Designing and Manufacturing steel buildings for the power station required in-depth knowledge of steel framework with massive building automation data and its application in energy building diagnostics. Sunward successfully formulated a comparative analysis of primary steel framework and detailed steel infrastructure which aided in meeting emission regulations that are required of coal fired power plants. Our engineers surpassed all governing statutes within the US Department of Energy, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, the EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction along with all local building code requirements.

The long standing Sunward steel buildings that once served as large equipment and coal storage, will now become the education & training campus at the renewable power port. These industrial buildings will be adapted and renovated to provide a fresh, hip and professional appeal that will accentuate to the clean energy & going green objective of the Brayton Point Commerce Center.

Adaptability & Esthetic Design.

The industrial steel buildings vary in terms of size: building I- 70’W x 76’L x 32’H, building II- 70’ x 76’L x 40’H, building III- 28’W x 75’L x 31’-33’H and building IV- 30’W x 30’L x 200’H which served as the Biomass Gasification Tower. Our pre-manufactured buildings arrive with every steel piece labeled and every blueprint outlined to ensure a simple and easy erection for construction. For this specific project, our engineer was on sight for last minute design configurations and ensuring every modification was expertly executed with a seamless assembly.

Both attractive and functional, the buildings boast a spirited Sunset Red exterior with a hard wearing, corrosion and damage-resistant galvalume roof, with a purposeful 1:12 roof pitch, providing sufficient clear span space for large equipment within the building. The buildings were manufactured for a 120 wind speed rating and a 21 pound roof snow classification for protection against damaging Nor’ Easters and other coastal storms.

Extremely adaptable and highly customizable, prefabricated steel buildings provide new construction solutions and an opportunity to configure a building that will easily accommodate their specific needs. Completely adaptable when it comes to doors, windows, insulation, ventilation, ceiling height, exterior facades and more, prefabricated metal buildings are also generally faster to erect than wooden alternatives, resulting in major construction savings for buyers.

Going Green Movement.

Commercial Development Company acquired Brayton Point Power Station in January 2018 and has implemented a plan to convert the steel buildings and campus into a burgeoning offshore wind industry & other East Coast clean energy companies.

This particular steel building property has served a multitude of purposes since its erection more than two decades ago, maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal despite undergoing heavy usage along the way. Sunward Steel is elated for the re-engineering of our buildings and we are proud to be a part of the upcoming Brayton Point Commerce Center, and their dedication to leaving a sustainable fingerprint on Massachusetts and setting a global standard in renewable energy.

If you have any interest for an industrial steel building in Massachusetts or elsewhere, contact us for a quote on your next steel building project.