Pre-Engineered Steel Home in Reno, Nevada

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was the proud fabricator and supplier of this pre-engineered steel home in Reno, Nevada, in October of 2016.

Attractive, spacious and economical, the building currently functions as a four-bedroom, three-bathroom steel home with sprawling living space. Offering the same, if not more, aesthetic appeal than a traditional wooden house, this attractive and multi-functional metal building has a second-story mezzanine that creates a separate, lifted living area without expanding the building’s original footprint.

Affordable, Modern Living Spaces That Endure   

Steel residences and homes have exploded in popularity in recent years, with many of them featured prominently on popular home-improvement and DIY-related TV channels.

A great option for anyone looking to combine living quarters with the open design concept that Sunward Steel homes offer. A pre-manufactured steel built home kit provides owners with a chance to lower construction expenses with considerably shorten construction times and lowered home insurance rates.

Located about 22 miles outside Lake Tahoe, and 50 miles north of Gardnerville, the city of Reno is the biggest city in northwestern Nevada’s Washoe County. The “Biggest Little City in the World” sits about 4 miles west of Sparks and roughly 30 miles north of Carson City.

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Building Specifications

Offering unmatched strength and durability, this metal home is an expansive 50’x100’x13’ in size once raised, and when you factor in the mezzanine, it offers 5,617 square feet of usable space.

Comprised of heavy-duty, high-end steel parts, the building holds its own against extreme temperatures, inclement weather, strong winds and other common construction hazards, providing a safe, all-season space for the owner to live, work and play.

This barn styled steel building boasts an aesthetically pleasing Charcoal Grey exterior, and with its crimson colored, corrosion-resistant roof stands a purposeful 4:12 pitch. The metal home’s windows and doors all have a correlating Sunset Red trim package, which enhances curb appeal while giving the steel residence a more traditional western aesthetic; the look and feel of this home is timeless and the curb appeal will last generations.

The monitor-framed metal residence also has several customizations that make it better suited for its environment while maintaining compliance with applicable building code requirements. A 26-psf snow load is one such accommodation with a desert wielding 130-mph wind speed rating is another.