Steel Agricultural Garage Building in Rockford, Illinois

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. was pleased to manufacture and supply this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Rockford, Illinois, in November of 2005.

Nowadays, it serves a variety of agricultural purposes on behalf of its owner, providing a safe, rugged, and secure space to store livestock, grain, feed, farm machinery, gardening supplies, and other assets and supplies used in farming. Exceedingly durable due to its premium-quality steel construction, this metal farm building offers considerable versatility, and it is also easily adaptable and expandable, should the building owners desire more space somewhere down the line.

Affordable, Versatile Agricultural Construction Solutions

Increasingly, farm and ranch owners looking to add usable space to their properties opt for pre-engineered steel farm buildings as opposed to wooden ones, and there are several key reasons for this shift. In addition to typically being cheaper and faster to erect than wooden alternatives, pre-engineered steel buildings are highly sustainable, meaning they can be completely repurposed at the end of their life spans.

Prefabricated metal farm buildings are also easily customizable in terms of ceiling heights, storage space, climate control options and related considerations, meaning they can accommodate a broad range of farming needs, and they require very little maintenance over the life of the building. While wooden buildings are prone to suffering damage caused by moisture, termites, strong winds and other sources, steel buildings stand strong in the face of such hazards, and they also maintain their aesthetic appeal through the years with very minimal maintenance.

A part of northern Illinois’ Winnebago County, the city of Rockford is the state’s largest that falls outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. The community sits along the banks of the Rock River, about 95 miles northwest of Chicago and roughly 75 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin.

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Building Specifications

Tough, robust, and designed to last the long haul, this pre-engineered steel agricultural building stands 30’x48’x12’ in size following a relatively easy erection process. Because of their largely premanufactured nature, steel buildings are typically easier and faster to erect than wooden structures, and this leads to considerable savings on construction costs for building owners.

Boasting a striking, Stone Beige exterior, the agricultural building offers impressive street appeal, and overhead, it features a robust, corrosion-resistant Red roof with a 1:12 pitch that provides plenty of protection against the Midwestern elements. The farm building also features (3) framed openings throughout, among them (1) 3068 opening enclosing (1) 3068 heavy-duty walk door and (2) additional overhead doors that allow for moving large farm equipment and machinery in and out.