Metal Shop Building in Gillette, Wyoming


Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. had the pleasure of manufacturing and supplying this pre-engineered steel building for a client in Gillette, Wyoming, in late September of 2009.

Offering the strength, durability and energy efficiency life in Wyoming demands, the building boasts top-of-the-line steel construction and now serves as a rental property. Divided into three smaller shops, each rentable unit within the metal building features its own bay and office area, making for an ideal work environment for business tenants that have industrial, automotive or related commercial needs.

An Adaptable, Multi-functional Metal Building

Prefabricated steel buildings have long been desirable for business owners and commercial renters seeking affordable, dependable building solutions. In addition to delivering long-lasting good looks with only minimal upkeep, metal buildings retain their value over time and are easily adaptable, should owners or tenants need to reconfigure the interior or add on to an existing structure to expand its size. This particular building provides a steady revenue stream for the owner by providing durable, adaptable rental units that tenants can customize based on their unique needs.

Dubbed the “Energy Capital of the Nation” due to the strength of its coal, oil and methane gas industries, Gillette, Wyoming falls within Campbell County, in the northeastern part of the state. The city lies roughly 40 miles north of Wright and about 7 miles northwest of Sleep Hollow.

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Building Specifications

Designed to hold its own in the face of strong winds, heavy snowfall, pests and decay, among other elements that often wreak havoc on traditional wood construction, this metal shop building offers a finished size of 60’x120’x16’. A robust, corrosion-resistant metal roof with a 2:12 pitch sits overhead, while the exterior of the building is gray in color and features deep green wainscoting, enhancing its curb appeal.

A high-performance insulation package serves as an additional feature, allowing commercial renters to stay comfortable despite Wyoming’s sometimes-extreme temperatures and climate patterns. In its roof and walls, the shop building boasts 4” of WMP-VR-backed R-13 insulation. Other accommodations made with the weather and climate characteristics of Gillette and the surrounding area in mind include a 90-mph wind speed rating and a 25-psf snow load.