Foam Insulated Panels

Metal Insulated Foam Panels are an ideal roofing and sheeting solution for steel buildings. They are designed to act as a thermal barrier to improve energy efficiency in your building. Insulated foam panels offer high R-Values, (up to R-48) and combine strength, flexibility and outstanding thermal performance. We offer several colors to choose from and optional façade finishes including stucco, embossed, smooth and high rib steel panels. Our insulated panels are painted with long lasting Kynar paint systems that provide little to no maintenance, they are made to withstand weathering and fading from the sun. Insulated Metal Panels are available in lengths up to 50’; end lap joints can be added to cover more space on longer roof runs. Individual Panel thicknesses range anywhere from 2” to 6”, and will achieve R-Values of approximately 7.5 per inch.

Color Selection

Ash Gray

Burnished Slate

Light Stone

Saddle Tan

Hunter Green

Koko Brown

Charcoal Gray

Hawaiian Blue

Polar White

Rustic Red