Oklahoma’s Top Source for Pre-Engineered Metal Building Kits

Need more space to store automobiles, airplanes, farm equipment or animals? In search of more room for storage, or simply more space in which to spread out? Steel buildings offer affordable, reliable construction solutions for today’s cost-conscious buyers, and Sunward Steel is a proud provider of more than 75,000 of them.

If you are in the market for a:

  • Commercial property
  • Storage building
  • Farming or agricultural building
  • Mini storage facility
  • Office
  • Gym or recreation center

We can supply you with a premium-quality, pre-engineered metal building kit that fits your needs. Don’t see your desired building type listed? This is just a small sampling of the types of buildings we commonly supply across Oklahoma and throughout the country, so odds are, we can provide you with something that suits your needs.


Why Sunward Steel

Sunward Steel has a nearly 50-year history supplying prefabricated metal building kits to consumers across the nation and world, so you can rest assured knowing we are a name you can trust. We also serve as a single-source building manufacturer and supplier, meaning we can cut out the “middle man,” resulting in considerable savings. Working manufacturer-direct also means you get one point of contact throughout your building’s creation, streamlining communications and enhancing peace of mind.

We also enjoy existing relationships with a growing network of dealers, contractors and building erectors throughout Oklahoma and much of the United States, so we can place you in touch with a reliable professional who can help with site preparation, concrete projects and the erection of the steel building itself, if need be.

Ample Options For Customization

Love the strength and low-maintenance nature of steel, but not sure it will have the appearance you’d like? Today’s steel buildings have come a long way from the days they dominated cityscapes and industrial areas, and you can customize yours with color, trim and exterior features to ensure it meets your desires in terms of aesthetics.

Have questions for us, or interested in getting a quote on a building? Get in touch with our team to find out more about how to make your vision for a steel building a reality.





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