Pre-Engineered Metal Church Building in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., custom fabricated a metal building for St. John’s Church in Fort Calhoun, NE in October 2014.

Sunward Steel worked directly with Stan Zyla, the main point of contact for the church. The community needed a worship center for local Baptist and Catholic residents. The church purchased a 31’x22’11’ building for their organization, which served as the “Schwertly Hall Addition” to the facility. The space is used for gatherings, family meetups, party banquets, and other interests.

Sunward supplied a custom galvalume roof and exterior. The structure contains a 3070 and 6070 field door. 4-inch rain gutters are also present in 4 locations throughout the building. Stan and the St. John’s community are pleased with the building and happy to have additional space for church activities.

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