Prefabricated Steel Airplane Hangar in Panora, Iowa

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., designed and manufactured this steel airplane hangar in Panora, Iowa, in early February of 2005.

The steel building now functions as a commercial airplane hangar on the expansive, 75-acre grounds of the Guthrie County Regional Airport, a public airport that first opened in 1992. The airport has a 3,400-foot concrete runway and sits about 3 nautical miles east of Guthrie Center, Iowa. It has fuel available onsite, and it also has a clear green beacon that helps pilots locate the runway after dark.

Affordable, Long-Lasting Aircraft Storage Solutions 

Available in a wide variety of spans and widths, prefabricated metal aircraft hangars can easily accommodate planes and helicopters in a variety of sizes, and with an assortment of different wing spans. Airplanes and helicopters are valuable investments that require careful, reliable storage, and these affordable, fast-raising storage buildings help aircraft maintain their beauty and functionality in the event that their owners wish to sell them sometime down the line.

Part of the Des Moines – West Des Moines metro area, the city of Panora is home to scenic Lake Panorama. Located in central Iowa’s Guthrie County, Panora sits about 65 miles from Ames, Iowa, and about 23 miles south of Jefferson.

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Building Specifications

Offering uncompromised strength and durability, the prefabricated steel airplane hangar features premium-quality steel construction, protecting stored aircraft against harsh weather, extreme temperatures and other potential construction hazards. Once erect, the steel airplane hangar is 60’x60’x14.5’ in size, and it has a broad clear span and high overhead clearance, which allow it to accommodate aircraft in a wide range of sizes.

White in color, the steel hangar blends seamlessly with the other structures on the airport property, and it has a matching White roof with White trim that resists corrosion and has a subtle 1:12 pitch. Available for rent by pilots and other owners of personal aircraft, the hangar offers optimum protection for planes, helping them retain more of their resale value over time.

The hangar also has several attributes that enhance durability and keep it compliant with building code requirements in place at the airport address. It has a 90-mph wind speed rating, and it also has an 18-psf snow load.