Metal Garage Building in Rydal, Georgia

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. was excited to deliver a pre-fabricated metal garage to Harry Russell, in Rydal, Georgia in February of 2011.

Harry was interested in adding a large garage to his 10-acre property. He found Sunward to help him develop a space to store equipment, such as trailers, tools, vehicles, and more.

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Building Specifications

The sturdy building is 42’x60’14’ with a 2:12 roof pitch. The structure contains a 3’x’4’’x7’2’’ walkdoor framed opening. It also includes a 16’x14’ overhead framed door, a 3070 utility walkdoor, and a 3070 commercial walkdoor. Harry also requested a 4’x4’ “C” window for a bit of natural sunlight.

The prefabricated garage building does not contain insulation as Harry did not have a need for temperature control. The frame can withstand 90mph winds and heavy snow loads. The exterior features 4’’ gutters and downspouts to help push water away from the building after heavy rain and snow melt. The building color is a stone beige with a galvalume roof.