Agricultural Building in Jamestown, North Dakota

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. was pleased to fabricate and supply this pre-engineered agricultural metal building for a client in Jamestown, North Dakota, in February of 2007.

Since then, it has served several distinct purposes for DuraTech Industries, a North Dakota-based supplier of horizontal grinders, tree chippers, “no till” grills, undercutters, rock pickers and other industrial and agricultural equipment. The building boasts a shop, room for representatives of the 50-year-old company to store agricultural goods and gear, and an elevated mezzanine that offers a quiet, private office space outside of the main work area.

Though originally launched in 1966, DuraTech underwent rapid expansion as demand grew for the company’s expansive industrial product line, and this facility allows company residents to accommodate continued growth while maintaining the same level of consistency and quality that allowed it to succeed since day one.

An Industry Leader in Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

 Nowadays, DuraTech Industries markets more than 20 different products through more than 600 national and international dealers, delivering top-quality goods that far exceed market expectations. Dedicated to supplying farmers, ranchers, miners and others with products that simplify tasks and improve efficiency, DuraTech continues to conduct operations in this metal building while catering to an ever-growing client roster throughout the Dakotas, the Midwest and the rest of the nation and world.

North Dakota’s ninth-largest city, Jamestown falls within Stutsman County. Home to a Sunward Steel production facility, Jamestown sits about 40 miles north of Edgely and roughly 300 miles east of Medina.

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Building Specifications

 Offering uncompromising strength and durability, steel buildings have long been desired by those with agricultural or industrial business needs, and this particular structure stands 206’x103’x30’ in size, including an additional lean-to feature. Comprised of premium-grade steel materials, it boasts a striking, Spanish Gold exterior, while its roof, which has a 1:12 pitch, is comprised of Galvalume metal panels and features complementing white trim.

The combination shop, office and agricultural facility also features (16) framed openings that provide easy accessibility for workers looking to move gear and product in and out, and these include (5) 20’x20’ overhead framed openings featuring (5) 20’x20’ overhead doors, (9) 3070 openings, each enclosing one of (9) overhead walk doors and (2) sliding windows that allow fresh air and natural sunlight inside. A 90-mph wind speed rating serves as a supplemental feature, enhancing overall accessibility given the weather and wind patterns common throughout the region.