Steel Roof-Only Building in De Soto, Missouri

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., manufactured and supplied this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a client in De Soto, Missouri, in November of 2015.

These days, the rugged, reliable roof-only steel building is home to the De Soto Farmers’ Market, a local nonprofit organization focused on expanding access to healthy foods and educating the public about clean eating. Launched in 2009, the farmers market has since become one of the community’s most successful programs, and as the market’s popularity grew, so too, did the need for a large, permanent structure that could accommodate the growing operation. This steel building has housed market operations since 2015, giving community members a shaded, covered space to buy and sell produce and other healthy foods, regardless of weather. 

Reliable Roof-Only Steel Buildings

Ideal for use as farmers markets as well as carports, riding arenas, covered parking areas, park pavilions, storage areas and more, roof-only steel structures give buyers the overhead protection they need while still allowing them the comfort of an open-air environment. While this particular steel building replaced an earlier, abandoned gas station that was onsite, guests can still get a glimpse of the property’s history through the farmers market sign, which sits in the same metal framing that once held that of the gas station.

Part of east-central Missouri’s Jefferson County, De Soto covers just over four square miles. The community lies roughly 50 miles south of St. Louis and about 116 miles outside Jefferson City.

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Building Specifications

Standing 54’x100’x12’ in size, the steel open-wall structure is Dark Green in color with nicely complementing Stone Beige trim. Its rugged, hard wearing metal roof has a 1:12 pitch and offers ample protection for sellers, shoppers and stored goods.

The farmer’s market building, itself, replaces an old, run-down gas station that once sat on the site, and it features several customizations added with regard for local building codes and the climate characteristics of the area. Such accommodations include a 90-mph wind speed rating and a 20-psf snow load.