Prefabricated Steel Residential Auto Shop in Oakdale, Connecticut

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was pleased to fabricate and supply this pre-engineered steel shop building on behalf of a customer in Oakdale, Connecticut, in May of 2014.

Currently, the rugged, multipurpose metal building serves double-duty as an automotive shop and a residential home, combining supreme functionality with a comfortable, accommodating living space.

Highly customized to meet the owner’s unique needs, the steel building boasts a variety of special features that make it particularly ideal for storing and servicing vehicles, and it also eliminates any commute the owner had previously between his home and work addresses.

Affordable, Low-Maintenance Places to Live, Work & Play

Often called “barndominiums,” steel buildings that combine residential areas with shops, offices, garages, airplane hangars or something similar are becoming increasingly popular across the nation and around the world as buyers seek ways to shorten their commutes and improve their quality of life.

Available with wide clear spans that allow buyers to make the most out of every square foot, steel barndomniums like this one are easy to raise, often going up in just a matter of days, and they are also easy to maintain because they don’t warp or rot in the manner that wood does.

A small village located within the town of Montville, Oakdale is located in southeastern Connecticut. Also located within the town of Montville are the villages of Chesterfield, Mohegan and Uncasville, all of which are within close proximity to the famous Mohegan Sun Casino.

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Building Specifications

Equal parts attractive and practical, the building is comprised of rugged, premium-grade steel components, resulting in unrivaled strength and durability. Once fully raised, the structure stands 30’x66’x12’ in size, and it features room for four vehicles, a wide clear span and the high clearance needed to raise cars and trucks so the owner can work underneath them.

Autumn Gold in color, the residential auto shop blends well with the surrounding New England landscape, and a nicely complementing Dark Green roof with a 3:12 pitch sits overhead, protecting against the elements. The building also has (5) framed openings throughout, and these include (1) 3’4”x7’2” opening and (4) 9’x9’ overhead openings.

Other key features and customizations include (1) 16’6” I beam that can support loads of as much as 4,000 pounds, which sits above the shop’s car lift, and (1) 5’8” translucent Hi-Rib panel in the roof, which allows natural sunlight to enter the space. In consideration of local building code requirements and regional climate considerations, a 105-mph wind load and a 30-psf snow load serve as additional building attributes.