Prefabricated Garage & Farm Storage in Rhame, North Dakota

Agricultural operations need versatile, reliable storage and workspaces, and this prefabricated metal farm building combines durability, functionality and efficient design. Manufactured in-state in Jamestown, North Dakota, this structure boasts quality craftsmanship, ant it also offers faster shipping times and reduced shipping costs due to its proximity to the factory.

The 60’x110’x18′ metal agricultural building boasts a clear-span design, providing an unobstructed interior space. This design is beneficial for agricultural operations, allowing for flexible use of the inside without the hindrance of support columns. The 2:12 roof pitch ensures efficient water runoff, preventing pooling and potential damage to the structure.

Engineered with the area’s heavy winter snowfall in mind, the metal farm building also has 6” snow gutters that help snow drain off easily. This helps prevent excess accumulation that could compromise the building’s integrity. Explore your options for steel buildings in North Dakota or click here for a price quote.

Building Specifications

A Charcoal Gray exterior and Ash Gray trim boost the building’s aesthetic appeal, giving it a clean, modern appearance. Beyond the visual appeal, the exterior color choice serves a practical purpose by absorbing sunlight, enhancing overall efficiency.

In terms of accessibility, the metal agricultural building boasts (1) 26’x16′ overhead door, (1) 18’x16′ overhead door and (1) 18’x18′ overhead door. The doors also have windows, allowing natural light to brighten up the structure’s interior. The farm building also complies with local building regulations, featuring a 115-mph wind rating and a 50-psf snow load.

Tailored to meet the storage and working demands of agricultural operations, this building effectively merges efficiency, resilience and modern design. Located in southwestern North Dakota, the small city of Rhame is home to just a few hundred residents. It sits roughly 14 miles northwest of Bowman and about a 288-mile drive from Jamestown.