Prefabricated Steel Cold Storage Facility in Seabrook, New Hampshire

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., fabricated and supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Seabrook, New Hampshire, in October of 1997.

Rugged, sustainable, and engineered to withstand the high wind and snow loads that are common across Seacoast New Hampshire, this metal building boasts an arch design, resulting in unsurpassed strength and durability. Used as a cold storage facility for Ebb’s Seafood, a fish and shellfish purveyor that supplies fresh seafood to restaurants and customers across coastal New England, the building creates a safe, all-season space to store fish and shellfish while keeping it fresh, cold, and safe for consumption.

Affordable, Multifunctional Metal Arch Buildings 

Frequently used as garages or workshops or as RV, automotive, farm equipment, or hay storage facilities, pre-engineered metal arch buildings combine affordability and ease of maintenance with easy customization. Available with open or closed-end walls, owners can configure their buildings in terms of insulation, roof height, aesthetics, and more, creating customized buildings that meet their needs and maintain their beauty and functionality extremely well over time.

This particular metal arch building has served as a cold seafood storage facility for more than two decades, serving an important role in the New England seafood trade. Located along the New Hampshire – Massachusetts border, the coastal town of Seabrook is part of Rockingham County. It sits about 6 miles from Kensington, New Hampshire, and just outside Salisbury, Massachusetts.

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Building Specifications

Prefabricated metal arch buildings are some of the easiest structures to erect, and this particular steel arch storage building was no exception. Following a simple and relatively seamless erection process, this arch building stands 40’x45’ in size and features an obstruction-free interior that maximizes space for food storage.

Comprised of durable, corrosion-resistant Galvalume steel panels, the building holds its own in the face of strong winds, salt, sand, extreme temperatures and other common New England construction hazards. A 110-mph wind speed rating serves as an important project customization, as it enhances the arch building’s overall durability while keeping it compliant with building code requirements in place across Seabrook.