Steel Warehouse Building in Caldwell, Idaho

In 2019, Sunward Steel manufactured a 100’W x 200’L x 24’H steel warehouse building and delivered it on location to ZoRoCo Packaging in Caldwell, Idaho, with the intended use as a food distribution warehouse.

Sunward Steel is the top provider of steel warehouses to grocery distributors & logistic companies throughout North America. We’ve successfully formulated exact design details aligned to serve the largest industrial leases through 2020, 2021, and the foreseeable future. Nationally, distribution companies claim the top industrial leases for a cumulative 13 million sq. ft., as prefabricated steel warehouses play a pivotal role in widespread product dispersing. Sunward excels in manufacturing these large pre-engineered buildings for clients not only stateside in the US, we are reputed as a global building supplier.

Sunward & Success

The food & beverage industry, driven by the expansion of grocery delivery, has significantly expanded to account for the largest leases by square footage in the last year. And with projections of continued growth for both dry and cold-storage warehousing this year, Sunward is dedicated to the continuance of evolving our industrial & commercial blueprints to accommodate this expanding market.

Durability is perhaps the main attraction of our steel warehouse building kits. For growing companies, it’s essential to have the flexibility for structural adjustments and the space to accommodate expansion needs; fortunately, our compatible steel warehouse blueprints offer exactly that. Whether there’s a need to increase your office space or include additional loading areas for cold storage, flex, or multi-plex warehouse needs, all aspects can be customized to suit the needs of your company.

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At Sunward Steel, there’s no project or building measured in attainability by proportional size or architectural complexity, we are the leading supplier of the most diverse steel buildings in the market. With 40+ years in the industry, we have established a remarkable property portfolio & proudly hold proprietary titles & awards within the steel manufacturing market.

Caldwell is situated in the western part of the Boise metropolitan area in Idaho, approximately 25 miles west of Boise, immediately west of Nampa, and around 30 miles northwest of Kuna.

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Building Specifications

The owner chose to have the structure insulated at the time of construction, which can result in substantial savings when compared with retrofitting down the line. Installed in the roof is an R-38 double layer banded insulation system with the correlating R-25 double layer within the walls. This secures a balanced interior temperature year-round and will prove its cost-effective envelope with lowered heating and cooling invoices from the energy provider; for the entire lifespan of the building. Sunward offers many different insulation systems & packages for all of our building kits and systems that adapt to numerous designs.

To accommodate Idaho’s changeable climate, we engineered a 115 MPH wind speed rating and a 25 PSF roof weight load into the steel canopy of the building. Other specific components that accompany the building include, (6) 3070 commercial walk doors, (4) 12’W x 14’H overhead doors, (2) 9’W x 10’H overhead doors, and (2) 12’W x 7’H overhead doors. We engineer every structure to meet and surpass all local building codes and governing geographical site requirements.

Crafting Durability: Our Idaho Projects

At Sunward Steel Buildings, we have been proudly manufacturing prefabricated steel buildings since 1972. Our journey has led us to work on a diverse range of projects throughout Idaho, where we have applied our expertise and passion for quality construction to contribute significantly to the state’s infrastructure and development.