Steel Equestrian Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, a Sunward Steel riding arena merges durability, aesthetic appeal and advanced technology. Designed in February 2023 and custom-made to meet the needs of the buyer, the metal horse arena has upgrades throughout that elevate the equestrian experience and make the building ideal for Colorado’s challenging climate conditions.

A clear-span interior creates unobstructed space for horses and riders, providing plenty of room for riding, jumping and grooming. Saddle Tan walls and a Koko Brown roof and trim add to the arena’s visual appeal and blend well with the surrounding landscape.

The inclusion of translucent HiRib panels with reflective technology keeps the interior cool and comfortable in the summertime, allowing animals and equestrian enthusiasts to enjoy the space without the threat of excessive heat. Koko Brown gutters and downspouts match the metal building’s roof and trim, adding a touch of uniformity while helping channel rainwater or snow away from the arena. The roof also features 2” of WMP-VR-based fiberglass insulation, helping the arena maintain optimal temperatures and impressive energy efficiency.

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Building Specifications

The components for this steel building arrived in partially assembled pieces, speeding up construction of the 72’x160’x16’ metal arena. A gable roof with a modest 1:12 pitch sits overhead, sloping enough for rain and snow to slide off before it accumulates.

Engineered for high wind and snow loads, the steel riding arena features a 40-psf roof snow load and a 130-mph wind rating. Resilient and built to last, the metal equestrian arena serves as a safe haven for horses and riders, giving them a covered and comfortable place to recreate regardless of season or outside temperatures.

Located in El Paso County in central Colorado, the city of Colorado Springs sits more than a mile above sea level. Colorado’s second-most-populated city, Colorado Springs sit roughly 70 miles south of Denver.