Indiana’s Go-To Source for Steel Construction

Steel has increasingly become the building material of choice for contractors, business owners and homeowners across Indiana, and with good reason – it typically comes in at a fraction of the cost of standard, wood construction, while it lasts considerably longer.

At Sunward Steel, we’ve spent the last 45+ years crafting top-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings while upholding some of the industry’s highest standards, and we have the expertise and inventory needed to make your vision for your metal building a reality. Whether you are looking to find a church, a gym, a garage, a workshop, a warehouse or any number of other steel structures, we can help you land exactly what you’re after while serving as a single point of contact along the way.

Benefits of Steel Construction

Why opt for steel construction, as opposed to wood? Steel buildings offer the following benefits when compared with wood structures, among others.

They cost less

When you think long-term, a steel building will cost you far less than a wooden one. Wood construction requires regular maintenance, and you always run the risk of it warping or rotting. You also have to worry about damage caused to wood by termites and other pests, which can set you back financially and offset your entire budget.

They’re easier to assemble

Pre-engineered steel building kits are delivered directly to your Indiana jobsite ready for erection, cutting your assembly time – as well as all associated costs. Rather than weeks, months or more, you may be able to have your steel building raised and ready for use within just days.

Superior Quality & Customer Service

At Sunward, the only thing we take as much pride in as our product is our commitment to customer service. We are a family-owned-and-operated business and have been since our 1972 inception, so you can count on us to uphold the same tried-and-true values we have for decades while delivering uncompromising quality every step of the way.

Interested in learning more about our pre-manufactured steel building kits? If you have questions about building types or Indiana building codes, or if you need to get in touch with someone in your area who can help erect your building, Sunward Steel can assist.

Benefits Of Working Directly With The Manufacturer

When you partner with Sunward Steel, you can rest comfortably knowing that we maintain complete control over the construction of your steel building, from conception to completion. From drafting and pre-planning to fabricating your building to the industry’s highest standards and then delivering it directly to your jobsite, we act as a single-source manufacturer, eliminating common errors and giving you a lone point of contact from start to finish.

Interested in learning more about what sets Sunward Steel apart? Check out our testimonials, and know that we’ve already sourced more than 75,000 steel buildings worldwide since our inception. When it comes to steel building construction, experience counts, and at Sunward Steel, we have nearly 50 years of it.





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