Direct Shipping To South Dakota

Sunward Steel proudly owns two steel building manufacturing plants in North Dakota. Our ND steel building manufacturing plants supply and deliver building kits to South Dakota every month. With a direct route on US-83 to South Dakota from our manufacturing plant and sister company, Wedgcor Manufacturing, our steel buildings deliver quickly. We’ve delivered numerous buildings to South Dakota and surrounding areas.

Sunward Factory Location

A Supplier of Strong, Sturdy South Dakota Steel Buildings

Looking for an affordable way to open or expand a business, or add more storage or usable space to a property? Interested in investing in construction that will stand strong in the face of South Dakota’s sometimes-heavy snowfall and often-inclement weather patterns?

Steel construction is growing exponentially in terms of popularity worldwide, and with good reason. Nowadays, it’s one of the most affordable, durable and sustainable building materials on the market, and it can make your dream of owning a business or other type of metal building a reality for far less than you might think. Whether you are in the market for a:

  • Storage building
  • Agricultural building
  • Self-storage business
  • Warehouse or manufacturing center
  • Gymnasium
  • Riding arena

…or an entirely different metal building type, odds are, we can supply you with something that not only fits your needs, but also meets or exceeds any building code requirements currently in place in your neck of the woods.

A Trusted Name in the Steel Building Industry

You have numerous options when it comes to where to source your prefabricated steel building kit, but at Sunward Steel, we offer perks and benefits for buyers that most of our competitors simply can’t. For starters, we serve as both building manufacturer and retailer, meaning we can cut out the middle man, and as a result, cut costs. It also means your building stays in the same hands from the drafting and pre-planning phases all the way up until delivery at your jobsite, minimizing communication errors and streamlining the entire process.

As a family-owned-and-operated business, we’re also true to our roots and values.  This has helped us secure numerous repeat customers, many of whom in turn refer us to their own friends and colleagues. With more than 45 years in the industry and more than 75,000 metal building kits sourced worldwide, when you need a name you can count on, you can turn to Sunward Steel.





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