Farm Building in Foster, Kentucky

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was pleased to manufacture and provide this pre-engineered steel building for a customer in Foster, Kentucky, in November of 1998.

Offering unmatched strength and durability, the metal building was easier and cheaper to erect than a traditional wood structure, and these days, it functions as an agricultural building for a private owner. Ideal for equipment storage, livestock storage, hay or feed storage and any number of other agricultural uses, the building provides a safe, secure space to store farm assets while protecting them from extreme heat, the elements, pests and other potential hazards.

Reliable Construction Solutions That Deliver Long-Term Savings 

A popular construction choice among farmers and others with agricultural interests who are looking for places to house livestock, ride or store horses, or store hay, machines or farming equipment, prefabricated steel buildings are an affordable, versatile alternative to wood construction.

In addition to being faster to raise, resulting in significantly lower construction costs, steel agricultural buildings need little in terms of life-long maintenance, saving owners substantial money by eliminating the need for repainting, residing or replacing rotting or damaged wood. A small, sparsely populated area in northern Kentucky, Foster falls within the borders of Bracken County. The community lies about 22 miles outside Germantown, Kentucky, and about 15 miles west of Higginsport.

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Building Specifications

Comprised of premium-quality steel components to maximize sturdiness, the steel farm building boasts a finished, fully erect size of 70’x140’x16’. It features a striking, Colony Green exterior and a nicely complementing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume steel roof with Dark Green trim and a 1:12 pitch overhead.

The farm building features a broad, clear-span design that eliminates columns or other interior obstructions, leaving more usable space for the owners to work or store goods or equipment. It also offers easy flexibility in the event that the owner wants to add increased framing later on to remodel or expand the existing space. A 90-mph wind speed rating serves as an additional farm building feature; an inclusion made in compliance with local building codes and in consideration of the Foster area’s typical climate and weather patterns.