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Need a durable, long-lasting steel building that stands the test of time? Whether you are looking to secure more storage, space or room to work, Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. can supply you with a building that not only meets your needs, but complies with all building code requirements in place in your area.

From the streets of Las Vegas to the state’s far-reaching rural areas, Nevada’s builders and business owners are increasingly opting for structures comprised of steel, and here’s why.

The Many Benefits of Steel Construction

Wondering how steel construction compares to wood? If you are considering purchasing a steel building as opposed to a more traditional, wooden one, know that steel construction:

Means lower labor costs. Prefabricated building kits offer components that arrive ready to erect, with all cutting and sizing already done for you. Thus, instead of paying for weeks or even months’ worth of labor just to get your building raised, you can purchase a pre-engineered building package and have your building up and running in a few days or less.

Means lower maintenance costs. Wood buildings typically require regular repainting in order to hold their aesthetic appeal, and wood is also prone to warping, rotting and moisture-related corrosion. You also run the risk of termite infestations and related issues with a wood building, which are problems steel buildings leave behind.

Offers supreme durability.  Steel is among the strongest building materials available in the modern market, and it can stand strong in the face of fierce winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes. At Sunward, we have such confidence in the strength of steel and the uncompromising quality of our buildings that we often tell customers they can anticipate their buildings lasting 100 years or longer.

Types of Metal Buildings Sourced in Nevada

In addition to offering strength and durability while requiring only minimal maintenance, steel buildings no longer have to boast industrial appearances. By utilizing color, trim and other exterior design elements, you can customize your metal building to fit your own stylistic preferences, regardless of if you’re looking for a:

  • Garage or carport
  • Self-storage facility
  • Agricultural building
  • Storage shed
  • Warehouse
  • Factory

…or any number of other types of steel structures. If you are in the market for a prefabricated metal building that will endure, consider sourcing yours through Sunward Steel.





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