Metal Shop Building in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was the proud manufacturer and supplier of this pre-engineered metal shop building in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, in May of 2008.

Currently, the metal industrial building is in use as a shop and storage area for Allied Blower, an experienced air system specialist with a more than 40-year history serving industrial and oil & gas clients in and around Vancouver and across western Canada.

Located in an area with considerable engineering interests, this steel shop and storage building serves as a local home base for the company, which supplies air-filtration products and provides solutions for fume and exhaust air purification, among related efforts

Rugged, Economical Oil & Gas Buildings  

Prefabricated metal buildings like this one are becoming increasingly commonplace in manufacturing, oil and gas and industrial settings, and there are a number of reasons buyers with related interests continue to rely on them.

They are typically far more durable and damage-resistant than most alternatives, for example, and they are also available with numerous customizations, including blast-resistant features that help them maintain their integrity in the face of explosions.

This particular metal workshop and storage building is in use in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, which is the third-largest city in Canada. Known as the “Gateway to the North,” the area sits about 141 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon and about 45 kilometers east of Shellbrook.

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Building Specifications

Offering unrivaled structural integrity, this building is ideal for industrial, oil and gas and similar use, and when raised, it stands an expansive 60’x110’x19’ in size. The interior of the building has a 29-gauge Hi-Rib liner panel with trim that results in a flat, attractive appearance, while the steel building’s high overhead clearance leaves plenty of room for oversize equipment and other storage.

The metal industrial building’s blast-resistant nature, meanwhile, helps it maintain its strength and durability even when hazardous conditions are present. Misty Grey in color, the shop and storage area is both attractive and easy to maintain, and overhead, it features a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant steel roof with Dark Green trim and a 1:12 pitch.

Making the prefabricated building easily accessible are (9) framed openings ranging in size and function, which include (3) 3070 openings housing (3) 3070 walk doors, (5) 14’x16’ overhead framed door openings and (1) 4’x3’ window opening that lets natural sunlight penetrate the space.

Other key features include several accommodations made to enhance overall durability given the variable climate of the Prince Albert area, among them a 7-mph wind load and a 31-psf snow load.