Shop Building and Storage Building in Boone, North Carolina

Blue Ridge Supply & Millwork has an established history in Appalchia, and with growing sales & clientele they were in need of additional space to conduct day-to-day operations. In 2002 they contacted Sunward Steel Buildings to manufacture a steel shop & storage building that would be an extension of the existing warehouse and the back end of the property. To best service this customer, we manufactured a gable framed building from our Rockford production line from our facility in Walterboro South Carolina.

We Will Get You Into A Building

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Building Specifications

Once onsite and erected, the building stands at a purposeful 75’x 72’x 20’ in size. The canopy of this annexed warehouse rests with a gable frame roof line, a subtle 2:12 pitch; dually purposed and required for ready and smooth running operations. A personal preference for simplistic sustainability was easily attained as we incorporated (10) 5ft x8ft translucent panels into the final wall configuration. Thus achieving a conducive eco-friendly design that allows maximum hours of sunlight into the structure.

This steel building features framed openings varying in terms of size and purpose, which improve accessibility to store and transport logging machinery and other gear. The exterior of the structure was designed with Misty Grey paneling, and a Galvalume roof with a crimson red trim package. In regards to combating storms that bring high winds, we incorporated a 100mph wind speed rating on the canopy. Since 2002 this building has weathered many storms, tornados, hurricanes, and other tropical depressions, and still holds its own against heavy day-to-day usage.