Supplying Rhode Island’s Sturdy, Reliable Steel Buildings

If you are a Rhode Island resident or business owner considering investing in a pre-engineered steel building, you need something strong and built to last. You also need something that adheres to or exceeds any local or state building code requirements in place in your area. At Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., we can help you secure a premium-quality metal building at an affordable price, regardless of whether you are on the market for a:

  • Agricultural building
  • Office
  • Gym or riding arena
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Mini storage complex

…or any number of other sustainable, highly functional building types. When you purchase your new building through Sunward Steel, you also get to reap the benefits of buying factory direct, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your building stays in the same capable hands from conception to completion.

Steel Construction Benefits

Often, we hear from customers who love the affordability, durability and sustainability of steel, but they have concerns about whether their building will fulfill their desires in terms of appearance.  There’s good news for buyers, however – today’s steel buildings offer considerable aesthetic appeal, and you can customize yours in terms of color, trim and other design elements. Our customers also enjoy the following benefits from pre-engineered building kits:

They’re easy to erect. If you have ever erected or paid someone to erect a wood building, then you probably have some idea about just how long of a process this can be. With a prefabricated metal building kit, however, the hard work is done by the time the building kit arrives at your job site, meaning you can likely raise your building in just days, rather than weeks.

They’re lower maintenance. With wood buildings, you must worry about fires, rotting and moisture-related damage, and you also must worry about potential trouble caused by termites and other pests – problems you can almost entirely avoid with steel construction.

They last the long haul. Think about it – if you’re trying to invest in something you can count on to maintain its functionality for years and even generations to come, it’s hard to top solid steel. We feel so confident that our buildings will last that we often tell our buyers they can expect them to stand strong for 100 years or more.

Get in touch today to learn more about making your Rhode Island metal building a reality.



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