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The self-storage industry has a reputation for being virtually recession-proof, and it’s easy to see why, with home prices and rents continuing to soar from coast to coast. If you are among those looking to break into this ever-expanding industry, you need a top-quality steel building that delivers in terms of unit mixes, security considerations and expansion capabilities. Sunward Steel has a rich, nearly 50-year history of providing exactly that.

Stamped Engineered Drawings included with all building prices. Prices are for materials only. Building Specials include a 40 year warranty on painted material. *Freight and Taxes Not Included.


When designing your steel self storage building, it is essential that you consider the unique needs of your target demographic when it comes to space, unit access and climate control, among other considerations. We provide a broad range of self storage buildings that fulfill a variety of unique needs, including:

  • Single-Slope Storage Buildings
  • Gable Roof Buildings
  • Buildings with Interior Hallways
  • Buildings offering Sidewall and / or Endwall Units
  • RV & Boat Storage Buildings
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Self Storage Building Kit Planning and Pricing

When pricing your self-storage buildings, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Your location and the materials you choose are the biggest factors when establishing your final price. Sizing and construction costs will also play a role in keeping your new building system, cost effective. Our American made high quality steel provides some of the best in the storage industry for all business owners. We provide quality building materials to help customize your self-storage buildings to meet the needs for the demographic in your area.

After you have your initial self storage building design nailed down, you can customize your investment based on your own desires, and those of your target demographic. From insulation that helps stored goods maintain adequate temperatures to gutters and downspouts that help divert water away from the building, helping prevent moisture-related damage, we can help you craft a mini storage complex that caters to your target market. You can also utilize partition panels to ensure your building is adaptable and able to easily accommodate your future growth needs.

Metal Building Kits for Easy Construction

It’s an industry Forbes recently dubbed “recession-proof,” and when today’s entrepreneurs are looking to enter or expand an existing business within the always-thriving self-storage industry, they rely on Sunward Steel to help them get started. Our rugged, economical pre-engineered steel mini storage buildings give you the foundation you need to grow your business while providing a safe, secure space for your clients to store goods.

Self-Storage Buildings can be customized to any dimension. Here are some Popular Self-Storage Building Sizes:

  • 20×100
  • 30×100
  • 40×100

Popular Metal Self Storage Building Sizes


20 x 100 Metal Storage Building

One of our most popular self storage building sizes, our 20’x100’ prefabricated steel self-storage buildings offer ideal storage solutions for today’s cost-conscious business owners. Offering unmatched strength and protection for stored goods, our buildings are easily customizable to ensure compliance with local and regional building codes. Our pre-engineered building kits also arrive at your jobsite precisely labeled and ready to erect, saving you substantially on labor costs by slashing construction time.

30 x 100  Metal Storage Building

Economical, adaptable and easy to maintain, our 30’x100’ prefabricated metal self storage buildings are ideal for all climates, and we can customize yours in accordance with your preferences and local building code requirements. A convenient, secure storage option for today’s increasingly consumerist society, steel self-storage facilities typically offer a considerable return-on-investment as well as a foundation for success in a recession and inflation-proof industry.

40 x 100  Metal Storage Building

Sunward Steel is a single-source manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality pre-engineered steel self-storage buildings, and our 40’x100’ steel mini storage building is one of our most popular base models. Split into multiple, rentable bays, steel self-storage facilities are easy to erect and equally easy to maintain, standing strong in the face of harsh weather, pests and other hazards while offering unrivaled protection for stored goods.

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Steel buildings offer unmatched durability and resilience, making them the ideal choice for your storage business. The inherent strength of steel provides resistance against natural disasters, which can be a compelling selling point for potential customers concerned about the safety of their belongings. Additionally, steel buildings offer versatility in design, allowing for custom layouts to maximize unit numbers and mixed-use spaces to cater to diverse storage needs, including standard self-storage units, climate-controlled spaces, and large compartments for vehicles or bulky items.


When entering the storage unit business, it’s essential to optimize every square foot. Customization can include adding mezzanine floors for additional storage space, incorporating energy-efficient lighting and security systems, and selecting from a variety of door options for ease of access and enhanced security. Furthermore, consider the latest industry trends such as smart locks and mobile app compatibility for customer convenience. By tailoring each storage unit to the needs of the market, you ensure your facility stands out in a competitive landscape.


To build a storage business that lasts, think beyond the present demands and anticipate future trends and customer needs. This foresight might include the integration of e-commerce parcel storage solutions, flexible spaces for a range of uses, and scalable designs to allow for easy expansion as your business grows. Embracing technological advancements for smarter facility management and enhanced customer experience can position your business as a leader in the storage industry.


Frequently Asked Question

What are the 7 different types of warehouses?

There are seven primary types of warehouses which include: Distribution center, Public warehouse, Private warehouse, Bonded warehouse, Climate-controlled warehouse, Smart warehouse and Consolidated warehouse Read More

Why Have Accessory Dwelling Units Become So Popular?

As the baby boomer generation ages, many older adults are finding that they want to be near family, but that they aren’t necessarily ready to surrender their independence. In-law apartments offer the best of both worlds, because they allow aging parents to live near family and potentially help with child-rearing and similar efforts while still having their own place to call home.... Read More

What’s The Difference Between A Broker And A Manufacturer?

You have options when buying a pre-engineered steel building, both in terms of product and provider. Most steel building suppliers are either brokers, meaning they serve as middlemen between manufacturers and customers, or manufacturers, meaning they handle all aspects of design and creation in-house. The majority of today’s prefabricated metal building suppliers are brokers, rather than manufacturers. Yet, this does not mean working with a broker lands you a better deal or a higher-quality product. On the contrary, many metal building brokers cut corners and seek out the least-expensive route at the expense of the customer, and they often do so because they make the majority of their money on the markup. This is just one of many reasons you may want to consider purchasing your building through a metal building manufacturer, rather than through a broker. Here are a few more.... Read more about the difference between steel metal building brokers and manufacturers

Difference Between A Metal Building And A Pole Barn

Simply put, a pole barn’s framing is made completely from wood with metal exterior panels, whereas a metal barn or metal building is made from steel framing and metal exterior panels. There are several factors to consider when deciding between the two options… Read more about the differences between a metal building and a pole barn

What is a Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

Whether referred to as “pre-engineered,” “prefabricated,” “premanufactured” or “preconstructed,” these buildings accommodate a broad range of structural needs, and they provide an economical alternative to more conventional building designs… Learn more about pre-engineered metal buildings

Can I Erect My Metal Building Myself?

Sunward Steel Buildings offers several metal building kits that can be the perfect solution for the DIY contractor. Our pre-engineered steel buildings come pre-punched, pre-cut, pre-welded, and labeled for easy to understand erection. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, the short answer is yes; in many cases you CAN erect your metal building yourself – and you can experience substantial savings as a result. When Sunward Steel ships you a pre-engineered building kit for a garage, shop, shed, ect you will find that a substantial portion of your building’s construction has already taken place. Read more about setting up your own metal building

Can I Build a Home Out of Steel?

Affordable, low-maintenance and completely customizable, pre-engineered steel residences have exploded in popularity in recent years. If you are on the hunt for a primary residence, a space that combines living and workspace, or a way to add extra living space to your property, a steel home may fit the bill. Read more about pre-engineered steel residences

Is Steel The Best Option For Mini Storage Buildings?

If you’re in the Self-Storage business you know how important quality, functioning self storage buildings are. The safety and security of your client’s belongings depends on a sound structure to house them in. Maintaining your property and facility is key to drawing in new customers and keeping existing clients happy. If the doors stick on the storage unit or are in disrepair it makes the customer feel like their stuff is not being properly cared for. Having heavy duty, easy operating roll up doors and secure lock options provides them with a sense of security... Read more on whether steel is the best material for self storage buildings

What is a Monitor Style Roof?

These days, pre-engineered steel buildings don’t have to look like boxy, industrial factories or garages – instead, there is a near-endless stream of customization options you can employ until your building looks exactly as you’d like it. Increasingly, prospective building owners who want to combine the benefits of a steel building with the aesthetics of a more traditional one are finding that they can achieve the look and feel they desire by using monitor-style roofs. Read more about monitor roof styles

Are Local Building Codes Mandatory For Building Purchase?

As someone considering purchasing a pre-engineered steel building kit, you may have questions about whether your building will need to conform to any particular building code requirements when you erect it. The short answer is, yes, you do need to make sure your building will adhere to any county or state building code and zoning regulations currently in place at your jobsite, but you do not need to let that scare you away from purchasing one. Building codes are designed and enforced by local officials to ensure the safety and security of its occupants. At Sunward Steel, we have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to conform to building code requirements, that you request, across North America, and we can help you ensure that your metal building... Read more about compliance to local building codes

How Much Does A 100×200 Steel Building Cost?

Before you can accurately determine a cost for your project, you need to narrow down the specifics of what you will using the building for and what accessories you want to add to the building. The building features will vary according to its purpose. A 100×200 steel building is often designed for use as an equestrian riding arena, an aircraft hangar, a church or large wedding venue. The wide open design accommodates a wide array of needs. Interior columns and acoustic can be added if desired for use as a commercial office building, or the space can be divided up into shop bays for use as an auto body shop. No matter what your building application requirements are, Sunward Steel will design custom steel building floor plans to fit your unique specifications. Read more on costs of a 100x200 steel building

How Much Does a 100×100 Steel Building Cost?

Before you can determine the exact cost of a steel building, it’s important to understand what you will be using the building for. Typically, a building this large is used as an industrial warehouse, an auto repair shop or as an equestrian building. Whether you’re plotting the layout for a spacious warehouse, envisioning a state-of-the-art auto repair shop, or dreaming up a majestic equestrian arena, our customization tool turns your vision into a workable blueprint. It's designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and an embodiment of our expert knowledge distilled into a simple, guided process. Read more on costs of a 100x100 steel building

How Much Does a 80×100 Steel Building Cost?

When working with a commodity like steel, the materials are subject to many factors that affect the price on daily basis. The availability of the steel building material itself, tariffs issued by the government, the amount of supply and demand, and other surcharges may be applied. Looking to dial in the specifics and put together a budget for your building project? Here are a few questions to help you determine your price point. What will the building be used for? Will the building be private or commercially owned? Where will the building be located geographically? Read more on costs of a 80x100 steel building

How Much Does A 50×100 Steel Building Cost?

What will you be using a pre-engineered steel building for? Are you building a warehouse, commercial office, storage unit, or a large barn? A 50×100 steel building offers 5,000 sq ft of space, which is a great size for a commercial office building, industrial shop, warehouse or auto body shop. If you’re trying to put together a budget for your building project, the best way to start is by listing out the amount of square feet needed and then create a list of components and features. What will you be using a pre-engineered steel building for? Are you building a warehouse, commercial office, storage unit, or a large barn? A 50×100 steel building offers 5,000 sq ft of space, which is a great size for a commercial office building, industrial shop, warehouse or auto body shop. Read more on costs of a 50x100 steel building

How Much Does a 60 x 80 Steel Building Cost?

A 60×80 steel building is a popular size structure for commercial and industrial purposes. Sunward Steel offers a variety of metal building options for businesses and consumers. A metal structure this size is typically used as an equestrian barn, airplane hangar, workshop, or commercial office. What will you be using it for? These are a few factors to that are taken into account when pricing a 60×80 steel building: Weather Factors, Wind load and Snow load Exterior Facade Options Insulated Wall Panels Read more on costs of a 60x80 steel building

How Much Does A 30×40 Steel Building Cost?

When potential customers call in to Sunward for a 30×40 steel building price quote, we start by asking for the details of the project. What type of building do you need? Where will the pre-fabricated structure be located? Will it face harsh weather? The answers to these questions will determine what snow loads and wind loads you need for your building. Naturally, more materials equate to a higher cost per square foot, but the actual usage of your building can also help to reduce some of the costs. Our sales team and staff of professional steel building engineers work together to incorporate the best options for your budget. Read more on costs of a 30x40 steel building

How Much Does a 24×24 Steel Building Cost?

A 24×24 steel building is often used by commercial and private owners. Sunward Steel offers several different pre-fabricated metal building options for businesses and consumers. A building this size is typically used as an oversized single car garage, equipment storage, or hay storage. You’ll often find these buildings sitting on a ranch or farm as they are versatile options for owners. Before you can determine the cost, it’s important to understand what you will be using the building for. Depending on your unique needs, the building features will vary. Once you have a clear picture of its purpose, you can begin by listing out all of the components that you’d like your 24×24 steel building to contain. Read more on costs of a 24x24 steel building

Cost Per Square Foot For A Mini Storage Building

Metal mini storage building kits are pre-fabricated and are a great alternative to traditional construction for your mini storage investment. Sunward Steel supplies pre-fabricated mini storage building kits that offer an affordable option for most building owners. Read more about the cost of mini storage buildings by square foot

How much does a 40×60 steel building cost?

A 40×60 steel building is a popular size for a small business or private owner. The 2,400 square ft of space is ideal for a shop building, large detached garage, equipment storage, and can also be used as a retail store. Sunward Steel offers several different building types and accessory options for 40×60 steel building kits. There are many different options to consider when choosing a 40×60 steel building that’s right for you. Start by determining your specific need for the space, as the options and requirements may vary from a shop or barn to a storage unit or a garage. Read more on the cost of a 40 x 60 steel building

What’s the Average Cost of a Steel Building?

Steel buildings offer affordable, economical construction solutions for today’s cost-conscious buyers, but you may be asking yourself what, exactly, that really means. Ultimately, how much you can expect to pay per square foot can range broadly based on local building code requirements, the customization options… Read more about the average cost of steel buildings

What is the minimum space required for a warehouse?

A small warehouse typically requires at least 5,000 to 15,000 square feet to allow adequate space for material handling equipment, personnel, and storage. Read More

Why do warehouses have high ceilings?

High ceilings in warehouses provide greater storage capacity and space for material-handling equipment. They also help to reduce the risk of fire, as more air circulation is available in higher spaces. Additionally, high ceilings can help to reduce the amount of dust that may accumulate over time in your warehouse. Read More

How do you design a warehouse layout?

Designing the layout of your warehouse is critical to ensure optimal utilization of space and the smooth flow of operations. The following are some key steps you should consider: Designing the layout of your warehouse is critical to ensure optimal utilization of space and the smooth flow of operations. The following are some key steps you should consider: Determine your storage needs. Generally speaking, around 22 to 27 percent of your warehouse space should be dedicated to storage. Design your aisles to be 12 to 13 feet wide to accommodation... Learn more about warehouse layout designs

How Can I Customize My Steel Building?

At Sunward Steel, we field a wide range of questions from our clients, and one we commonly hear involves exactly how potential buyers can customize their pre-engineered steel buildings to meet their unique needs. The short answer is, there are near-endless methods you can utilize you customize your metal building and adapt it to your needs, and if you can dream it, chances are, the Sunward team can help you make it a reality. More specifically, some of the methods you can use to adapt your prefabricated steel building to fit your needs, and those of your geographic location.... Read more on our customization options

What is Included When I Buy a Prefabricated Metal Building?

At Sunward Steel, we field a lot of similar questions from our customers, many of whom are wondering what, exactly, their prefabricated metal building purchase includes. There are many essential features that come standard with every Sunward Steel Building… Read more on inclusions of our prefab buildings

Should I Insulate My Steel Building?

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a locale where the temperatures are consistent and pleasant year-round, chances are, you’ll need to consider adding insulation when designing your pre-engineered steel building. Insulating your metal building can accomplish two important goals – first, it allows your building to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter… Read more about insulating your steel building

What’s The Difference Between Gable And Single Slope Roofs?

When designing a pre-engineered steel building from the ground up, you’ll need to make certain decisions about the type of roof you’d like, with two common options being either gabled and single-sloped. Just how do the two types differ, and how might you determine which type might best meet your needs… Read more about the difference between gable and single-sloped roofs

What Roof Pitch is Best for My Metal Building?

When designing a pre-engineered metal building, one of the main decisions you will have to make involves what type of roof pitch you’d like your structure to have. The roof pitch, or the slope of your building’s roof, determines how many inches your roof rises… Read more about roof pitches

Steel Building Price Examples

35’X140’X15’-5.5″/14’ BOAT STORAGE

Single Slope Roof- (2) 5’x10’ Units and 4’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (6) 10’x10’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (10) 12’x35’ Units and 10’x12’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches

.5:12 Pitch Single Slope Galvalume Roof / Painted Walls & Doors
30 psf Roof Snow Load / 36 psf Ground Snow Load
IBC-18, Wind Speed: 115 mph


Gable Roof- (2) 5’x10’ Exterior Units and 4’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (23) 10’x10’ Exterior Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (13) 10’x10’ Interior Units and (2) 8’x7′ & (11) 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (13) 10’x15’ Interior Units and (2) 8’x7′ & (11) 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (13) 10’x20’ Exterior Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (1) 5’x150’ Hallways and (2) 3070 Commercial Walk Doors with Panic Hardware

.5:12 Pitch Galvalume Roof / Painted Walls & Doors
30 psf Roof Snow Load / 36 psf Ground Snow Load
IBC-18, Wind Speed: 115 mph


Gable Roof- (8) 10’x10’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (16) 10’x20’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches

.5:12 Pitch Galvalume Roof Painted Walls & Doors
30 psf Roof Snow Load / 36 psf Ground Snow Load
IBC-18, Wind Speed: 115 mph


Gable Roof - (6) 5’x10’ Units and 4’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (13) 10’x10’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (6) 10’x15’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches, (10) 10’x20’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches

.5:12 Pitch Galvalume Roof / Painted Walls & Doors
30 psf Roof Snow Load / 36 psf Ground Snow Load
IBC-18, Wind Speed: 115 mph


Single Slope Roof / (12) 10’x20’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches

.5:12 Pitch Galvalume Roof / Painted Walls & Doors
30 psf Roof Snow Load / 36 psf Ground Snow Load
IBC-18, Wind Speed: 115 mph


Gable Roof/ (4) 5’x10’ Units and 4’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches (14) 10’x10’ Units and 9’x7’ Roll Up Doors with SS Latches.

.5:12 Pitch Galvalume Roof / Painted Walls & Doors
30 psf Roof Snow Load / 36 psf Ground Snow Load
IBC-18, Wind Speed: 115 mph

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