Rock Climbing Steel Building in Golden, Colorado

The Spot Bouldering in Golden Colorado is home to a new climbing gymnasium, and in 2018 Sunward Steel joined with them to manufacture a new custom steel building.

Captivating and downright mesmeric, this steel multi-span recreational building stands 80’W x 112’L x 21’.5”/28’H and features a striking exterior that includes Kingspan high r-vale and efficient insulation panels in Arctic Blue with Polar White trim.

The Bouldering Building

Catering to people, sport & the art of rock climbing, this pre-fabricated building had to be adaptable to rock climbing apparatus’ & professional climbing walls in Golden, CO.

While designing this building our engineers took into account the need for high ceilings and reinforced support joists as people will be secured during activities. Additionally, the rock climbing walls were secured to the roof and steel supported substructure, therefore our engineers had to design the building with additional point loads; instrumental to the overall public & professional usage of the building.

The Quality Check

Here at Sunward we strive to produce the best of the best, top quality, American made building kits; and the  Bouldering building was no exception. We met and surpassed all building and safety standards set in place by the American National Standards Institute & the Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme; strong & anchored, this building was manufactured to withstand years of due service.


Available Buildings & Budgeting

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Building Specifications

Expansive and hardwearing, the building is 80’W x 125’L x 21.5/28.17H in size, offering a clear-span design that eliminates interior supports, freeing up more room for rock walls and other athletics. The gutters, fascia and accent trim are all Arctic Blue, with the metal recreational building’s soffits and entrance canopies featuring a correlating package.

Comprised of commercial grade components, while providing unparalleled strength and durability, and it also has several enhancements that make it better-suited for life in Colorado. Regarding its climate-related customizations; the roof was manufactured with an impressive 150-mph wind speed rating due to Chinook winds.

The powerful Chinook winds originate off the Pacific coast, cooling as they climb the western slopes, and then rapidly warming as they drop down the eastern side of the mountains; nonetheless imperative that we design an anchored canopy that would be reliable for the complete life of the building.

The corrosion-resistant roof of the building is Polar White in color and standing with a purposeful 1:12 roof pitch. The roof also designed to hold a 30-psf snow load; which adheres to applicable building code requirements in place across the Centennial State. The gutters, fascia and accent trim are all Arctic Blue, with the metal recreational building’s soffits and entrance canopies featuring a correlating package.

We love multi floor functionality and clear span space that allows for additional levels, and we included that option in this blueprint as custom mezzanine compatible. The building once erected includes a self-supporting mezzanine that increases usable floor space and creates a viewing area with offices and storage space.

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