Pair of Steel Winery Buildings in Grass Valley, California

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was proud to manufacture and supply these (2) pre-engineered steel winery buildings on behalf of a buyer in Grass Valley, California, in March of 1999 and December of 2006.

Currently, both buildings function as grape-processing facilities on the grounds of Naggiar Vineyards & Estate Winery, an expansive, 42-acre property in the heart of the Northern Sierra Foothills that features a tasting room, event center, winery building and a 20-acre estate vineyard. The family-owned operation also owns an adjacent, 40-acre vineyard property and has secured numerous awards and recognitions through the years, including mentions and rankings in Wine Enthusiast magazine as well as numerous other industry authorities.

Naggiar Vineyards owners added these (2) prefabricated steel wine buildings to the property at different times to accommodate continued winery growth, and they expand the winery’s grape-processing capabilities, enabling them to produce more wine to meet growing demand.

Economical Construction Options for Winery & Brewery Owners

Generally faster and cheaper to raise than traditional wood buildings, metal wineries and breweries offer affordable construction options for business owners that they can customize in accordance with their needs. Often used as taprooms, tasting rooms, distilleries and beer, wine and liquor distribution centers, prefabricated steel buildings are an ideal option for entrepreneurs looking for long-lasting, low-maintenance places to operate their businesses.

This pair of prefabricated metal winery buildings have held an important role in winery operations for years, maintaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity every step of the way. The largest city in the western part of Northern California’s Nevada County, Grass Valley sits about 57 miles from Sacramento and about 143 miles northeast of San Francisco.

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Building Specifications

Comprised of rugged, reliable steel components, the (2) metal grape-processing buildings boast unrivaled strength and durability, creating safe, covered spaces for winemakers to produce wine and store equipment. The first and larger of the (2) winery buildings stands 40’x100’x13’ in size once erect, while the second, smaller building, which the vineyard owner purchased later to add on to the first one, offers a finished size of 40’x30’x13’.

Both steel winery buildings boast traditional Red barn-style exteriors, and they both have complementing Misty Grey-colored roofs with White trim and 4:12 pitches overhead, offering reliable protection from the elements. The larger steel building also features (13) framed openings that enhance accessibility throughout, which include (3) 3070 openings enclosing (3) 3070 walk door system, (1) 16’x10 opening housing (1) 16’x10’ double-sliding door, (2) 5’x8’ openings enclosing (2) 5’x8’ single-sliding doors, (2) 7’x8’ openings enclosing (2) 7’x8’ single-sliding doors and (5) 17’x1’ skylights that allow sunlight inside while improving the building’s architectural appeal.

It also has several elements added to help prevent water from pooling on the roof or near the foundation, where it could cause corrosion, among them an eave gutter and 90 linear feet of downspouts. It also boasts (3) 10’ ridge vents to improve ventilation throughout, while a 115-mph wind load serves as another customization added with regard for local building codes.

The add-on steel building, meanwhile, features a 75-mph wind load and a 20-pound snow load; inclusions made in consideration of the typical climate characteristics of Grass Valley and the surrounding region.