Metal Shop Building in Yakima, Washington

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., supplied this pre-engineered metal shop building in Yakima, Washington, in late June of 2020.

Spacious, sturdy, and structurally sound, the insulated, energy-efficient metal building underwent customization in line with the buyer’s needs and now functions as a shop.

The metal shop has high ceilings that can accommodate car lifts or create additional storage or workspace, and it also has a wide clear span that maximizes usable floor space by eliminating the need for interior support.

Affordable, Customizable Steel Buildings 

Easy to customize, erect and maintain, steel shops, garages, storage buildings, and other types of structures have become increasingly popular alternatives to wooden structures in recent years. Resistant to damage caused by pests, precipitation, fires, and other potential construction hazards, steel buildings also frequently undergo use as commercial buildings, warehouses, automotive dealerships, and manufacturing facilities, among other uses.

This particular metal shop offers superior strength and durability and gives the owner a safe, comfortable, and covered space to use year-round. Situated in south-central Washington, the city of Yakima is part of Yakima County and the Yakima Valley. The community lies about 60 miles southeast of Mount Rainier; about 77 miles from Richland and about 84 miles outside Kennewick.

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Building Specifications

Attractive and versatile, the shop is comprised of rugged, high-quality steel parts and stands 40’x60’x18’ following an easy erection process. It also has a 6” accent overhang trim that enhances exterior aesthetics. Ash Grey in color with complementing Charcoal Grey trim, the metal shop has reliable protection overhead thanks to a durable, corrosion-resistant steel roof with a 2:12 pitch. There are also (7) framed door openings throughout that allow building users, equipment, and supplies in and out. Found throughout the shop are (2) 4070 walk door framed openings housing (2) 4070 commercial doors, (3) 8’x8’ overhead door openings, (1) 10’x12’ openings, and (1) 10’x14’ openings.

An insulation package built helps users stay comfortable while lowering lifelong energy bills for the property owner. The roof and walls each contain 6” layers of WMP-VRR-faced insulation, with the insulation facing helping protect the blankets against condensation and water damage.

Other notable features and customizations include a 110-mph wind speed rating and a 20-psf roof snow load, which further enhance durability with respect to the climate characteristics and building codes in place in the Yakima area.