Steel Building in Middleboro, Massachusetts

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. fabricated and supplied this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a customer in Middleboro, Massachusetts, in November of 2004.

These days, it serves double-duty as a shop and store for Hank Zion’s Auto Salvage, a highly reviewed auto salvage yard that has served Middleboro and much of surrounding southeastern Massachusetts for more than 65 years. Employees at Hank’s collect unwanted, used or wrecked vehicles and then strip them of their usable parts, which they then sell to customers in search of affordable fixes and solutions for a broad range of automotive issues.

An Economical Automotive Construction Solution  

An increasingly common choice among business owners seeking affordable, space-maximizing buildings where they can service, sell, or store vehicles, steel automotive buildings are highly customizable in terms of work bays, climate control, ventilation, overhead door sizes, and so on. Because all building components arrive directly at the building site ready to erect, the cost of raising a pre-engineered steel automotive building is typically far lower than it would be for a traditional wooden structure.

Part of southeastern Massachusetts’ Plymouth County, Middleboro, or Middleborough, enjoys a rich colonial history and is one of the state’s largest communities. The town sits about 15 miles west of Plymouth and about 30 miles east of Providence, Rhode Island.

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Building Specifications

Offering an unobstructed, clear-span design that maximizes space for vehicles and administrative efforts, this prefabricated metal building features premium-grade steel construction, delivering unmatched strength and durability. Following a quick and easy erection process, the steel shop and store stands 60’x50’x21’ in size, and it offers easy street appeal, thanks to an attractive Brown exterior that maintains its good looks even after prolonged exposure to rain, snow, and other common Massachusetts construction hazards.

Overhead, guarding against the New England elements is a rugged, hardwearing Galvalume roof with a 2:12 roof pitch. Versatile and accommodating, this building is easily adaptable, should business owners want to expand operations or otherwise desire more space, and it is also a highly sustainable construction option because the steel used in its creation is recyclable once the building reaches the end of its lifespan.