Retail Steel Building in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. had the pleasure of manufacturing and providing this pre-engineered steel building for a customer in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, in October of 2005.

Nowadays, the metal building functions as T & N Feed and Pet Supplies, which maintains an extensive inventory of food and pet supplies for horses, dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish, and many other popular pets.

Highly regarded for its friendly customer service and reasonable prices, T & N Feed and Pet Supplies maintain high ratings on numerous customer review sites, with many longtime customers noting the company’s knowledgeable, well-trained staff and broad product selection. A key resource for pet owners across southern Mississippi since 1989, T & N also carries garden seeds, plants, hardware, and related products.

A Local Alternative to Big-Box Pet Stores   

In addition to placing a tremendous value on customer service, T & N avoids stocking anything less than high-quality feed and pet supplies on its shelves, intentionally shunning the often-cheaper foods and products in favor of top-rated alternatives. This particular building offers plenty of room for retail space and product storage, and it provides a safe, reliable place for staff to work while fulfilling the needs of southeastern Mississippi’s pet owners.

A top choice among those seeking affordable construction solutions for retail stores and other commercial operations, pre-engineered steel buildings are easily adaptable based on a business owner’s unique needs.

Most prefabricated metal buildings offer clear-span designs, which minimize interior obstructions and maximize usable space, and steel buildings are also far less likely than wooden ones to succumb to damage caused by rain, wind, salt, sand, pests, fire, and a broad range of other common construction hazards.

Part of the Pascagoula, Mississippi Metropolitan Statistical Area, the city of Ocean Springs falls within Jackson County. The community sits roughly 4 miles from Biloxi and about 95 miles northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Building Specifications

Rugged, low maintenance and built to last, this pre-engineered metal retail store features top-of-the-line steel construction, and once fully erect, it stands 50’x139’x12-16.17’ in size.

Stone Beige in color with a nicely complementing Dark Green roof with a 1:12 pitch, the retail location effectively combines fashion with functionality, resulting in an attractive and versatile store that the owners can easily expand or adapt, should the need arise.

Offering the unwavering strength and durability that life along the Gulf Coast demands, the building also features a high, 130-mph wind speed rating in consideration of the strong wind and occasional hurricane activity that comes through the region as well as the building codes currently in place in the area.