Commercial Arch Building in Kawkawlin Township, Michigan

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. was pleased to fabricate and supply this pre-engineered steel building on behalf of a customer in Kawkawlin Township, Michigan, in September of 1997.

These days, the building undergoes corporate use by the team at Wolverine Fireworks Display, Inc., a direct importer, wholesaler and retailer of fireworks, shells and pyrotechnic devices that serves customers across central Michigan and much of the greater Midwest. In addition to boasting one of the industry’s largest product inventories, Wolverine Fireworks participates in hundreds of fireworks shows each year, assisting with everything from small, private parties, weddings and other special events to large-scale, community-wide fireworks displays.

Michigan’s Trusted Fireworks Retailer 

Trusted by industry authorities including the Pyrotechnic Guild and the National Fireworks Association, both of which tasked it with handling their grand public displays, Wolverine Fireworks has been an area institution since 1979. An established provider of world-class pyro-musical entertainment, which unites pyrotechnics with a digital soundtrack, Wolverine Fireworks prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of the industry, delivering unforgettable fireworks shows as well as a near-endless assortment of fireworks and supplies for the surrounding community.

Part of Michigan’s Bay City Metropolitan Statistical Area, KawKawlin Township falls within Bay County, on Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The community sits about 105 miles north of Ann Arbor and roughly 60 miles north of Flint.

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Building Specifications

Rugged, reliable and economical, this premanufactured metal arch building stands 50’x80’x22’ in size and is comprised of 789 square feet of 29-gauge Galvalume hi-rib wall panels. Steel arch buildings are inherently free from interior columns and obstructions, freeing up more space for storage and operations, and this particular building features an open front and rear, with both ends boasting flashing that helps prevent water from seeping through and causing damage.

The metal arch building also features several accommodations made with regard for the climate characteristics of central Michigan and the building codes in place at the build site, among them a 100-mph wind speed rating. Offering unrivaled strength and robustness, steel arch buildings hold their own and maintain their functionality despite heavy snow, strong winds, pests, fires and other potential building hazards.