Sunward Steel Buildings' Composite Panels and Pre-Fabricated Systems

Composite Panels is based on a innovative Dual Layer Composite system. The surface layer is a durable impact resistant plastic layer that is also used to product automotive car bumpers. This layer is followed by a low density foam system which provides thickness and insulation value. Next our deep textures are finished with a multi-step coloring process.

The end result is a system that is tough and is the most authentic replication of a stone panel in both appearance and texture available on the market today.

Why Choose Composite Panels

Easy & Fast Installation

Easy & Fast Installation

Quick and easy installation by general construction contractors

Pre-Fabricated Accent Columns & Pilasters

Pre-Fabricated Accent Columns & Pilasters

Custom fabricated for any height and width. The system is produced in lightweight sections and shows up ready to install with minimum equipment and staff.

Realism & Perfect Balance

Realism & Perfect Balance

The coloring and fabricated corners are natural and extremely can challenge real or manufactured stones and brick products.

Durability & Strength

Durability & Strength

The solid tough impact resistant plastic layer makes it resistant to damage.

Composite Panel Options

Wainscot Panels

The Wainscot Series are innovative and provides the first level of upgrading a building’s appearance through contrasting accents while saving both time and money in installation.

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Stucco Clad Panels

Stucco Clad is a synthetic high-density texturedarchitectural panel board that proves an EIFS material alternative to finish your projectfaster and with the aesthetic look of stucco.

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Accent Corners

Our corners can be stacked on top of each other to span the height of any building. They also install lightning-fast and best of all, absolutely no mitering necessary.

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Incorporating a cornice into a building adds depth and character as the finishing touch to any building design. Personalize it to make your building stand out from the rest!

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Column Wraps

Partial or Full Column Wrap hide support and enhance the overall design. The standard kits are supplied in an easy to install four-sided column kit to fit any height.

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Custom Fabrications

Our custom capabilities set us apart from the competition. Pre-fabricated elements ensure a fast and economical installation for quality appearances and long term performance.

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