Providing Oregon’s Pre-manufactured Metal Building Kits

Every state presents its own challenges when it comes to building reliable, long-lasting structures, and Oregon is no exception. In addition to a building that meets your unique needs, you also need one that will stand strong in the face of Oregon’s often-inclement weather. Furthermore, you need one that will meet or exceed all building code requirements in place at your build site.

At Sunward Steel, we’ve been key players in the pre-engineered metal building industry for nearly five decades, supplying more than 75,000 metal building kits to buyers across the state, nation and around the globe. We know the ins and outs of steel building design and fabrication, and our expertise shows in the uncompromising quality of our work.

The Many Benefits Of Metal Buildings

Once upon a time, steel buildings dominated skylines and industrial centers, but nowadays, they serve a multitude of additional purposes for cost-conscious buyers. In addition to offering numerous options for customization, today’s steel buildings offer the following benefits when compared with standard, wood construction.

Your metal building easier to maintain.

With wood buildings, you have to worry about financing considerable upkeep, which can include anything from repainting expenditures to dealing with termites and other pests. Steel buildings eliminate these and many other maintenance needs.

Your steel building is way cheaper to erect.

The beauty of a pre-engineered building kit is that someone has the done the hard work for you already by the time it arrives at your build site. Because all components arrive to you pre-measured and ready to erect, you’ll only need to pay for a few days of labor costs, as opposed to financing weeks, or even months, of manpower to raise your building.

Metal Building Types Common Across Oregon

We commonly supply these and many other building types in your area:

  • Shops and garages
  • Mini storage complexes
  • Barns and agricultural buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Commercial properties

When you need a building and company you can rely on, consider partnering with Sunward Steel. We prioritize a quality product and supreme customer service equally, and we strive to provide each customer with an experience so superior that they can’t help but share it with their friends and colleagues.





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