Steel Buildings In Williston in Jamestown, North Dakota

Williston’s Go-to Source for Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., a steel building manufacturer based in Jamestown, North Dakota, is a leading supplier of industrial, storage and other pre-engineered steel buildings for customers across the Williston, North Dakota basin area, providing a broad range of customizable buildings for use in fracking, oil production and other efforts. With a 45+-year history in the region and more than 75,000 prefabricated metal buildings sold since its inception, Sunward Steel has cemented itself an industry leader and a trusted, reliable manufacturer of:

  • Oil and gas buildings
  • Power plants
  • Storage and equipment sheds
  • Industrial facilities
  • Alternative energy buildings

…and numerous other building types for use in and outside of the oil and gas industry. As such, Sunward Steel recognizes the importance of fire and blast-resistant structures and can customize metal buildings accordingly.

As North Dakota’s sixth-largest city, Williston has experienced exponential growth in recent years due in large part to its location in the center of the state’s Bakken oil patch. With the city’s oil boom came an influx of residents and oil companies with industrial and other interests, and as fracking and oil production continued to expand in this area, so, too, did demand for Sunward Steel’s durable, reliable buildings that accommodate related needs.

Other Building Uses 

While oil and gas buildings are common throughout Williston, Watford City and other state centers of oil production, North Dakota residents also rely on them for numerous other purposes due to their rugged, sustainable and highly versatile nature. Often utilized for everything from agricultural and equestrian buildings to garages, workshops and residences, premanufactured metal buildings offer North Dakota home and business owners affordable construction solutions they can customize to fit their needs.

Erection Assistance

Know you want to purchase a steel building, but not sure where to turn when it’s time to raise it? Sunward’s lengthy history in North Dakota means we have established relationships with a broad network of building erectors throughout the state who can assist you through each step in the erection process, if necessary.

To check out some of the many buildings Sunward Steel has manufactured and supplied across Williston, Bowman, Killdeer, Belfield and numerous other cities and towns across the state, click here.