Pre-Engineered Steel Self Storage Building in Waddington, New York

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc., was the proud manufacturer and provider of this prefabricated self storage building in Waddington, New York, in early July of 2003.

These days, the building is in use at Premier Self-Storage, a Waddington-based self-storage facility that stores goods from area residents who lack the space to do so at home or at work. The storage facility offers rentable, drive-up storage units in a number of different sizes, which customers rent out and gain ‘round-the-clock access to in exchange for a fee. In addition to storing items and assets from customers while keeping them safe from damage caused by pests, the elements and other hazards, Premier Self-Storage regularly gives back to the surrounding community by serving as a sponsor for special events and local live musical performances.

Self-Storage Businesses Produce Steady Income  

One of only a handful of industries economists consider “recession-resistant,” the self-storage industry is typically less risky than others for entrepreneurs because storage needs tend to remain constant, or even increase, during times of economic crisis. Many of today’s self-storage facility owners got into the business for this very reason, and they now benefit tremendously from the steady income streams their steel buildings provide.

Ideal for traditional storage, automotive storage, or RV or boat storage, metal mini storage buildings are affordable and easy to raise. They are also much easier and cheaper to maintain over time than wood buildings, leading to low lifelong costs of ownership.

Located close to the U.S./Canada border, Waddington is part of Lawrence County and situated along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. The community sits just north of Canton; roughly 70 miles outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Building Specifications

Boasting an attractive Stone Beige exterior, the steel self storage building is easily accessible and highly visible from the roadway. Following a relatively simple and seamless erection, the self-storage building stands 30’x150’x8.5’ in size, and its roof has a modest 0.5:12 pitch and is comprised of hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume panels.

Offering unparalleled structural integrity, the building holds its own against strong winds, heavy snowfall and similar construction hazards. It also has several customizations that allow it to comply with local building code regulations, including a 90-mph wind speed rating and a high, 55-psf snow load.